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c. 3,990 BBY

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Old Republic era[3]


Chantique was a female Near-Human Hybrid who was a member of the Crucible, a slaver organization active prior and during the Mandalorian Wars. She was the Magister Impressor of the organization and wore the Flames of the Crucible tattooed on her face. Sired by the Zeltron Antos Wyrick as part of an experiment, she was one of the Force-sensitives that were created using genetic material belonging to Jedi Master Arca Jeth, and as such she also had Arkanian and Sephi heritage.[2] She was trained at the New Generation Academy on Osadia until her own father turned her over to the Crucible.




A broken childhood

"Look Outside — to the Zeltron. Older than others. She is a wild one. Inattentive. Disruptive. No good to me at all. There is no sense prolonging the inevitable. Yes, it would be best for everyone, Golliard — you can have her."
―Professor Antos Wyrick sells his own daughter to Dace Golliard
The young Chantique after her confrontation with Jarael.

Some time after 3,990 BBY, Chantique was a bully in the New Generation Academy on the planet Osadia. Her father, Antos Wyrick, a Zeltron professor at the school, felt that her attitude was detrimental towards the school and other students, so he sold her to Captain Dace Golliard of the Crucible, which pushed Chantique's mother to commit suicide. Chantique quickly rose from the dueling pits to become the overseer of her fellow slaves. Determined to end her tyrannical oversight, fellow schoolmate and slave Jarael attacked the Zeltron and left her for dead, becoming the new overseer in the process. Once again, Chantique was sold off because of her wounds. Yet due to her pain, fear and rage, she tapped into her previously latent Force powers and murdered her new owners. Evading pursuit, the Zeltron made her way back to the slaving organization where she planned to revenge herself upon Jarael. Although Jarael had already fled the Crucible, Chantique soon became the Magister Impressor; the most ruthless slave driver in the entire organization, as well as head of the press gangs. Despite escaping her former schoolmate, Jarael never forgot her time as a slave, as she would use Chantique's name as an alias on Telerath and later had a vision of her enslaving Zayne Carrick.[4]

Vengeance begins

"Was she here ?"
"Here and gone. She wore the Flames of the Crucible — I thought she was with you."
"She was — but not anymore. You can't hide from me, Jarael. And you — and anyone who helps you — will pay !"
―Chantique and Bardron

In 3,963 BBY, Chantique strangled Jervo Thalien to death after he decided to discontinue the use of slave fighters on Jervo's World. She also expressed her desire to settle her score with Jarael, who had been spotted on the station, and planned to harm the Arkanian and anyone who helped her.[3] She would also threaten Dace Golliard with death due to his failure to capture Jarael and Zayne Carrick, but his life was spared by Bar'injar.[5]

Manipulation of Zayne Carrick

"He is finished. We've seen Snout suit up a thousand times.He left that gap in his armor on purpose. He thought Carrick was his savior."
"Jarael thought he was, too. It's why she sent him here, to fight her battle. It was only right to return such a gift in kind."
"So, I've sent him back to her — I only wish I could stay and watch."
―Chantique about Volgax events
Chantique trying to manipulate Zayne Carrick.

Carrick, under alias of Carth Kamlin, was captured in a derelict Aurek fighter and brought to the Crucible training facility on Volgax, where he was pitted against several combatants. One of their senior fighters, Snout, used memnii to show Zayne the history of the Crucible, causing the Jedi to collapse from the rush of memories. The act was part of Bar'injar's plan to show that Jedi could read memnii. Chantique then brought the former Jedi into her own quarters, revealing that the Crucible had known from the beginning who he was and that he was trying to infiltrate the organization. Chantique told Zayne that she was glad that Snout had showed him the Crucible as a whole; Carrick retorted that the fights were meaningless. Chantique pointed out that the Jedi were hypocritical, as they practiced violence to gain their objectives. She then revealed that Jarael's original name was Edessa. "Jarael," as well as the Flames of the Crucible tatooed on her face meant "Destroyer."[6]

Chantique continued her manipulation of the former Jedi by revealing the pasts of herself and Jarael. As she told of her escape from her new owners, Carrick realized that she was using both her Zeltron heritage and her Force powers to influence him. He attempted to reason with her, but she sent him back to fight the Caamasi after he asked her whether all the torturing she did was just "fun" to her. During the duel, Sitan pinned Carrick, but instead of finishing the former Padawan off, the Caamasi stabbed himself to end his suffering. Witnessing the broken Carrick fail to heal his friend, Chantique declared that he was finished. The Crucible left Volgax, leaving the broken Carrick on the surface of the planet to be picked up by Jarael. Instead of greeting his friend, Carrick grew angry at her, demanding to know why she abandoned her fellow slaves and why she had kept her tattoos. The two parted acrimoniously but not before Jarael told him that her tattoos meant "Protector". Carrick realized too late that Chantique had lied to him."[7]

Climactic reunion with Jarael

Soon after her meeting with Carrick, on Osadia, Chantique had fight face-to-face with Jarael, who now wielded Exar Kun's double-bladed lightsaber. Little would she realize that her own father Antos Wyrick, who was now Mandalorian scientist Demagol, was helping Jarael against her. During the battle she mocked Jarael about her shattered relation with Zayne Carrick. This drove Jarael into a rage, and she quickly overpowered Chantique. As she stood over Chantique she demanded that Chantique get out of her life. [8] However,at this moment Zayne Carrick crashed in through the rough, ramming into Jarael and knocking her out. Chantique caught Exar Kun's Lightsaber and engaged Carrick, asking, with a mixture of amusement and surprise, why he had come to save Jarael. [9]

Personality and traits

"She's a psychopath..."
―Zayne Carrick

Chantique possessed a sadistic, psychotic, and tormented personality. She could rapidly switch between an emotionless killing and violent rage, usually brought on by something in connection to her father, who had sold her to the Crucible.

Powers and abilities

"Somehow, when I turned inside myself to escape, I found something there — Power. The power not to die. The power to heal myself. And once I'd succeeded — the power to take my freedom — and my revenge."

At a young age, Chantique discovered her Force-sensitivity and without training she used the Force and her anger to heal herself and to break free from the slavers who keeps her prisoner after her confrontation with Jarael. Years later, during her meeting with Zayne Carrick on Volgax, she attempted to use Force Persuasion on him with mixed success. She also demonstrated a talent for telekinesis and had at least one Force Vision.

Additionally, Chantique was a capable melee fighter who favored using a whip.


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