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Change in Command is the fourth episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



After an attack on a Dominion facility the USS Swiftfire-A ends up on the run on the wrong side of the border. Heavily damaged and with the captain out of commission it is up to Commander Susan Core to get the ship back to Federation territory.

Memorable quotes

"You are also human, Frank. If you didn’t have any feelings about what happened when you were attacked by the Jem’Hadar I’d be checking you for green blood and pointy ears."
Lieutenant Wessling reassures Ensign Cole.
"But at least I'll die only once, cowards die a thousand times!"
Captain Masters calling Cole a coward in Cole's dream.
"I would have done something far more daring if our roles were reversed. I would have had Pavlo remove a warp core and the nacelles of one of the shuttles and strapped them to my back and carried you back to Federation space. Of course I’d have my trusty type-2 hand phaser with me in case we ran into any trouble. But I doubt it; the enemy would have been too confused by the sight of me with a warp core and nacelles strapped to my back to do anything!"
— Captain Masters jokes with Commander Core.

Background information

  • The Battle of Betazed is mentioned as occurring two day before the USS Sparrow locates the USS Swiftfire-A, which gives a general time frame for when this story occurred.


Amphlett, Megan; Bailey, Autumn; Daley, Rachel; USS Darling; Douglas, Jennifer; Dyson, Paul; Elmhurst, Hannah; USS Gallant; USS Honorius; Molloy, Peter; Normandy-class; O'Meara, Isabella; USS Pacific; USS Renown; SC-193; USS Sherman; USS Sparrow; Starbase 129; Task Force 59; Tong Beak Nebula

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