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Chancellor Sheppard

Chancellor Sheppard





Alternate names

Samejima (Japanese translated)

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Chapter 001

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 001

Appears in






Cyber Ogre

Seiyū (Japanese)
Voice actor(s) (English)

Sheppard, known in Japan as Samejima 「鮫島校長」, is the chancellor of Duel Academy in the first year. During the first year he recruits Jaden, Alexis, Chazz, Zane Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, Crowler and Banner a.k.a. Amnael to guard the seven Spirit Gates from the Shadow Riders. When Kagemaru arrives at Academy Island, Sheppard is the first to recognize him as the school's superintendent.

Sheppard in the Manga

In the second year, he left the job to Crowler. He leaves the school to invite duelists to the Genex Tournament and to confront Zane. Sheppard meets Zane in a dojo on top of a mountain, where Zane seemingly trained as a duelist when he was a child. Although Sheppard loses when Zane betrays his "Cyber End Dragon", he gives Zane a Genex Medallion and invites him to the tournament. Then he returns near the end of the second year to reclaim his job. At the start of third year he is concerned that his best duelist Jaden is still in the lowest rank dorm, hoping that Professor Viper whom he has just hired would push the boy into advancement. At the end of the third season, during a meeting with Crowler, he decides he will begin a search for the remaining students who disappeared in the Abandoned Dorm.


Sheppard plays a Cyber-Style Deck, which focuses on turning his opponent's cards against them in a physical and metaphorical sense. Such cards include "Cyber Shadow Gardna", a Trap card that has the same attack points as the monster it is battling, and "Scrap Fusion" which allows the user to summon a Fusion monster from their opponent's fusion deck. His most prominent cards are "Cyber Ogre" and its Fusion counterpart, "Cyber Ogre 2", both of which gain extra attack points when battling an opponent's monster.

Opponent Outcome
Zane Truesdale Lose
Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes Lose (Tag team duel with Ms. Dorothy)
Makoto Inotsume Lose
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