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This article is about the office complex. You may be looking for the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.
Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine in the Chancellor's office.

The Chancellor's Suite was the suite of offices, meeting rooms and private chambers used by the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The Chancellor's Suite was located in the Republic Executive Building, over 500 meters above the surface of Coruscant. The Chancellor's office, also called the Executive Office, was the formal office of the Supreme Chancellor that served as the heart of these rooms.

The Chancellor's suite was constructed along with the Executive Building following the Battle of Naboo, during Palpatine's tenure as the Republic's Supreme Executive. Comprising a number of circular rooms arrayed around the Chancellor's main formal office, the style of the office was reminiscent of Palpatine's Senatorial apartments; with Sith-inspired red walls and the bronzium statues of ancient philosophers (in particular the Four Sages of Dwartii) and deities arranged around the room. It also included the Sith chalice as well as a bas-relief recovered from the excavation of a Massassi territory on Yavin 4, depicting a battle between Jedi and Sith during the Great Hyperspace War.

Four chairs sat in front of the desk for meeting purposes.

His office also was home to other various Sith objects and sculptures, but their significance was seemingly unknown to the Jedi. One statue, in fact, embedded Palpatine’s Sith lightsaber which he planned on igniting and releasing from the stone when he thought the time was right. He did so shortly before his attempted arrest by Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, and Kit Fisto. This resulted in a duel that caused the death of all four Jedi and seduced Anakin Skywalker to the dark side of the Force.

The office was accessed via a reception area staffed by Dar Wac, and guarded by two Red Guards. Palpatine's desk and Chair of Office faced the entrance from the opposite wall, most of which was taken up by a panoramic transparisteel window. This window offered an impressive view across Galactic City, reminding the occupants of the office that the matters discussed there would have far-reaching consequences.

Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Palpatine continued to make use of his office, using it to host meetings with his servants, including Darth Vader.


Sections of Palpatine's Office


Entry Hallway (Public Use)

Dar Wac observes the Chancellor's visitors.

As visitor reach the level upon which the Chancellor arrives, they enter into a formal reception area where there are benches for long waits. The receptionist desk is equipped with a comm-system directly connected to the Chancellor's desk. An express turbo-lift runs adjacent to the room and those who are influential enough to use it are deposited into a security airlock for inspection, before passing into the reception area.

Ceremonial Office for Official Meetings (Public Use)

The ceremonial office is accessed from a pair of blast-proof doors situated behind the receptionist's desk. Visitors then pass through a short passage which opens into a large circular room. At the top of a set of stairs, the Chancellor's official desk, equipped with data feeds from his private office and his holding office beneath the Grand Convocation Chamber is displayed in front of a panoramic view of Galactic City.

The panoramic view of Galactic City.

The Chancellor's Chair of Office, made of ultra-dense lanthanide alloy and armed with a defensive shield and direct communications to Palpatine's aides and Red Guards, faced four padded single chairs for visitor's; arranged in a semi-circle, and a large holoprojector rose from between two sets of steps leading up to the desk. Decorating the red-hewed room is two of four Bronzium statues of the Four Sages of Dwartii; the other two situated in the adjacent hall. A secret escape lift is concealed to the left of the official entrance; while to the right lays the hidden door to the Chancellor's private quarters.

Anteroom (Public Use)

Leading of the main office is a small anteroom leading to the Chancellor's private office. Used for smaller meetings a bas-relief depicting the Great Hyperspace War and a Sith chalice decorate the room. The statue of Sistros, concealing Palpatine's lightsaber flanks the door to the private room.

Private Office (Private Use)

The Chancellor's private chambers.

Double-glazed transparisteel panoramic window backed the sunken area used by the Chancellor for his private work. Via a large red projection screen, he could track the progress of the Clone Wars through his Clone Intelligence units, as well as obtain data from his databanks in the ChanPal SuRecon Center and his agents spread across the galaxy.

Palpatine's private office was smaller than his main one and it had a metallic and black color scheme with three large black rotating chairs, a supercomputer and two black vases. The walls seemed to be made from some kind of metal and were engraved with continuous patterns.

Chancellor's Archives (Private Use)

Behind the bas-relief of the Great Hyperspace War were the Chancellor's private archives. Stored in the racks above the reflective floor were files on former Chancellors and records of amendments and various notes on legal documents; all stored on holodiscs.

Chancellor's Bedroom (Private Use)

Beyond the Chancellor' main office lay his personal quarters. Equipped with an Alderaanian relaxa-bed, designed to massage and provide sleep-inducing harmonics, the bed allowed the Chancellor to sleep a few hours yet feel the equivalent of a full nights rest. The room also included a private refresher along with a shower. An expansive wardrobe also existed to keep his great collection of gowns and formal wear.

Working Office for Red Guards (Private Use)

Linked to both the main office and the bedroom; a room specialized for security was staffed by the Royal Guard. Three chairs and various monitors and consoles were used to monitor security systems at all hours of the day and night.


Chancellor's Suite cutaway.
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