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The Chain Whip in Final Fantasy V.

Chain Whip (チェンウィップ) is a recurring weapon in the series. It is often the second weakest whip in the games it appears in, and usually has no special function. Oftentimes, it is long-ranged, meaning characters equipped with it can attack for full damage even from the back row, and is often a weapon of choice for Beastmasters and sometimes Summoners.



Final Fantasy IV

Rydia wielding the Chain Whip in the DS remake.

The Chain Whip is the second weapon that adult Rydia can acquire. It can be bought in Tomra and in the Feymarch for 8,000 gil, and has an Attack of 30, Accuracy of 5, and a chance to inflict Paralyze when attacking with it.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Chain Whip is a mid-ranked whip with 30 Attack and a chance to inflict Paralyze. It can be acquired in various ways.

Final Fantasy V

Chain Whip is the third weakest whip in the game, with the Whip and Shock Whip being weaker. It can be bought in Regole, Quelb, and Castle of Bal, has an Attack of 49, and can inflict Paralyze when attacking with it.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Chain Whip is Quistis' starting weapon.

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