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Ouginak Chain
Level: 51
Category: Resource
Weight: 2 pods
Sells to NPC: 0 kamas
Ouginak Chain
Official description
This damned Chain comes from an Ouginak, obviously. It was probably used to tie the Ouginak up so it couldn't escape, before it was broken.

Ouginak Chain is a resource.


Dropped by


Used in the craft of

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Skill chaining refers to the act of executing skills in a specific order to achieve a desired effect. For example, an axe warrior with Shadow Prison might, on a spike, use Shadow Prison to teleport to his target, then use Dismember to inflict a Deep Wound, and quickly follow up with Critical Chop because of its 1s activation.

Skill chains are usually designed to take advantage of the synergy between certain skills. Disrupting a skill chain is usually a strong way of limiting an opponent's effectiveness. For example, disabling an Assassin's Lead Attack (or causing it to miss) will usually also prevent the assassin from using an Off-Hand Attack and Dual Attack.

Alternately, "chaining" can refer to a tactic involving keeping enchantments or effects up on the party. One common example is Aegis chaining, in which monks use Aegis in order to keep it up as much as possible.

Chain Indication

A chain in a build is normally indicated by > or ->

Example: Shock->Eviscerate->Executioner's Strike

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of {{{name}}}]]
Real name Johnathen Mortimer
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'1"
Weight 213 lbs
Date of birth November 28th, 1984
Place of birth Charlotte, North Carolina
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Charlotte, North Carolina
Billed from Memphis, Tennesee
Real International Wrestling (April 2005 - Present)
Handled by Ali Vice
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut April 2005
Retired {{{retired}}}

Jon Mortimer, commonly known as Chain, is the current RIW World Champion and a two time former Hybrid Champion. He is most famous for these title runs, as well as for performing incredible in-ring spots. Chain became the RIW World Champion at Thursday Night Turmoil's Pushing the Limits Pay Per View. Notable feuds include feuds with Mark O Mac, Venom, and Mike Mischief.


The Early Days

Jon Mortimer was born in Charlotte, North Carolina to very wealthy parents. His mother died at an ealry age, leaving him and his younger brother, Matt, with an uncaring father. Jon's father hated his sons' love of professional wrestling, and strictly prohibited them from viewing or preforming the sport. Eventually, John ran away, hitchiking to Memphis, where he trained at the local wrestling federations under the names Jim Munger and James Mortimer. When Jon turned 23, he moved to Las Vegas, joining the Las Vegas Wrestling federation, the training ground of Real International Wrestling.

Las Vegas Wrestling

Jon debuted on LVW under the name of Chain in April of 2005, losing a submissions match to Rob Cage. The next week, Chain joined the stable known as the Lethal Weapons, along with Rob Cage and Hellwolf. Chain then engaged in a losing feud with the Dynasty, in which he faced off with RIW legend the Realist. After his feud with the Realist and the Dynasty, Chain joined in a Metal Massacre match for a $5000 check. During this time, Chain debuted his famous Metal Mosh segment, in which he would interview various superstars, usually to further his or their fueds. Chain's losing streak continued all through LVW, a total of seven losses in Las Vegas Wrestling. Soon after LVW, however, a brand split would shake up the RIW roster, putting Chain in the newly created Thursday Night Turmoil brand.

Saturday Night Superstars

In fall of 2005, Chain was drafted to RIW's newly created Thursday Night Turmoil brand. He was originally slated to perform on the B-show of TNT, Saturday Night Superstars. Chain continued his Metal Mosh segment, using it to begin his new stable, the New World Rebels, or nWr. Rob Cage joined the stable. With Cage by his side, Chain initiated a feud with the Underground Connection, which at the time consisted of Mark O Mac and Bullet. During a battle royal for hte now-defunct Intensity Title, Chain was eliminated when Mark O Mac low-blowed him, allowing Bullet to hit him with the Claim 2 Fame DDT. From there, Chain and Rob Cage continued to fight the Underground Connection, a feud which culminated in Chain's first title victory, in which he claimed the Hybrid Title in a unification match against Intensity Champion Rob Storm, Pride Champion Mark O Mac, and the Innovator.

Hybrid Title Reign

Chain's victory over Mark O Mac kicked off a feud with the former Pride Champion. Chain defeated Mark twice, soundly claiming a winning feud against Mark O Mac. Chain lost the title in a six-man hardcore match for his title after a Poison Strike onto a ladder from Venom. Chain then turned tweener in a feud with Venom, using Venom's own Poison Strike in the follow-up match on next weeks Turmoil. Chain attacked Venom again on his Metal Mosh segment, taking Venom down with his finishing manuever, the Chainsaw Massacre. During the next few weeks, Chain threw a series of promos claiming that he had made the Hybrid Title into what it was and showing his obsession over the title. Chain lost the follow up match at Pushing the Limits. In the following weeks, Chain began losing his matches, eventually getting injured in a snowboarding accident and being forced to take time off.

Return to TNT

Chain returned in late 2006, kicking off a feud with Mike Mischief almost immediately. Chain first fought Mike at both men's first Pay Per View after their respective returns. Mischief won that match, but Chain won another match a few weeks later to reclaim the vacant Hybrid Title. Following his Hybrid Title victory, Chain joined Carter Starr and Bullet to take on Mind Distortion, which consisted of Sean Shaddix, Darc, and Chain's nemesis Mike Mischief. Carter and Sean brawled their way out of the arena, however, and Bullet betrayed Chain and left the match with his new accomplice MC Idol, forming Feature Presentation. Chain lost the handicap match against Darc and Mike Mischief, and was defeated again by Mischief the next week on TNT. Chain's feud with Mischief continued all the way up to the next Pay Per View, where Mischief finally defeated Chain in a match in which both Mind Distortion and the New World Rebels were banned from ringside. Chain's loss to Mike Mischief, followed by a loss to Feature Presentation, took him off TV for the next few weeks.

Feature Presentation

Chain returned at the next Pay Per View, teaming with Rob Cage in a match against Feature Presentation's Ace Acid and MC Idol. In a shocking turn of events, Chain betrayed Cage, hitting him with the Chain Reaction and defecting to Feature Presentation. During the next few weeks, Chain solidified his position within the stable, winning numerous matches and claiming victory over Saint Lunatic and Cub with Ace Acid. After Feature Presentation's victory over St. Lunatic and Cub, Chain was part of a Feature Presentation takeover, in which GM and leader of Feature Presentation vacated all titles and announced a tournament for the RIW World Title. Chain advanced all the way to the final round, a Limit Breaker match between him and his Feature Presentation brothers of Ace Acid and MC Idol. Chain won that match after hitting his trademark Chainsaw Massacre off the top of the ladder and pinning the title upon a structure to win his first RIW World Championship.

RIW World Title Reign

After defeating Ace and Idol, Chain hosted one of his famous Metal Mosh sequences the next week on TNT. In this segment, he issued an open challenge, giving anyone in the back a shot at his title. Kyle Kaotic was the first man to respond, but after Chain accepted his challenge, Chain's Feature Presentaion ally, Bullet, came to the ring and challenged Chain for his title. Chain was confused, but not wanting to alienate his ally, he denied Kyle his shot at the title and gave the contendership to Bullet. However, as soon as he accepted Bullet's challenge, the New Messiah turned on Chain, delivering a massive beatdown to the RIW Champion and announcing his intent to leave Feature Presentation. With that, Chain and Bullet began a series of promos centered around Chain's "Faith", which he claimed Bullet had stolen from him. Chain and Bullet met in a Mosh Pit Match at TNT's One Must Fall Pay Per View. Chain won the match after MC Idol, the guest referee, hit Bullet in the spine with a chain wrapped around his fist, allowing Chain to hit the Chainsaw Massacre and claim victory. However, after screwing Bullet out of his title shot, Idol turned on Chain, and Idol, Ace Acid, and Jason Cage turned on Chain, beating him down in the ring.

Other Info



  • Chainsaw Massacre (Fireman's Carry into split-leg facebuster)
  • Blinded In Chains (Iron Claw + Eye rake submission)

Signiture Moves

  • Falling Clothesline/Burning Sword (Top rope guillitine arm dorp across the neck)
  • Gunshot Dropkick (Running dropkick to kneeling opponent)
  • Chain Reaction (Superkick, often used as a counter)
  • High Roller (Roll of the Dice)
  • Spear

Commonly Used Moves

  • Standing Dropkick
  • Dropkick from kneeling position
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Dragon Suplex
  • Moonsault
  • Hurracanrana
  • Slingshot Crossbody
  • Jumping Double Stomp
  • DDT
  • Snap Suplex
  • Leg Drop

Titles and Accomplishments


  • 2x Hybrid Champion
  • Current RIW World Champion
  • Creator of the Metal Mosh
  • Founder and member of the New World Rebels
  • Former member of the Lethal Weapons
  • Former member of Feature Presentation


  • 1x Hardcore Champion


  • Owner of Federation (Now defunct)

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help

Real Name
Thomas Bannion
Current Alias




Grasp and Sonic (brothers), un-named nephew (deceased)





First appearance

Iron Man #214
(January, 1987)



History of character is unknown.


Chain's full name was revealed in the All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #2.


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  • Character Gallery: Thomas Bannion (Earth-616)
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  • Quotations by Thomas Bannion (Earth-616)

Discover and Discuss

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

"Chain" redirects here. the item used int he 2009 Christmas event, see Chains.
File:Bronze chainbody.png File:Iron Chainbody.PNG File:Steel chainbody.png File:Black-chainbody-inv.png File:White chainbody.png File:Mithril-chainbody-inv.png File:Adamant chainbody.png File:Rune-chainbody-inv.png File:CorruptChain.png File:Dragon chainbody.pngFile:Vesta's chainbody.png
Members only? No, except for Vesta, Dragon and White
Highest Melee stat Crush
Lowest Melee stat Stab
Strength bonus? No
A player wearing a Dragon chainbody.

A Chainbody is a type of melee body armour. Its tendency to absorb impact makes it efficient at blocking slashing and crushing attacks. Rangers can utilise chainmail to afford them some melee protection at the expense of magical defence; however, this will not raise their Ranged attack bonus as leather or dragonhide would. Chainmail is relatively weak against Ranged and stab attacks due to it being made of hundreds of tiny rings. As it is made of metal, it conducts Magic attacks very well, making it weak against magical opponents. Chainbodies are mostly less popular than platebodies.

All chainbodies except for the Black chainbody, White chainbody, Corrupt dragon chainbody, Dragon chainbody, Corrupt vesta's chainbody, and Vesta's chainbody can be made using the Smithing skill.

This piece of armour will interfere with Ava's accumulator and Ava's attractor. The Dragon chainbody, White chainbody, and both Vesta chainbodies are available only to members.

See also

Wikipedia has an article about:

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

Steven Chain was the Captain and Commanding officer of the USS Atlantis from 2380 to 2382. He led three ships into an exploration mission to the Gamma Quadrant. (Star Trek: Brave New Worlds)


Chain was born aboard the USS Wyoming in 2353. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2376 and begun his career serving aboard the USS Hood. After several years, rising in ranks aboard the Hood, he transferred to the USS Shark.

In the late 2370s, when the Federation decided to test-colonize a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, Chain was transferred to the USS Atlantis to lead an exploration fleet of three ships in that Quadrant.

Before the transfer to his ship, Chain had taken an apartment on the new City on Jestra V. (BNW: "Brave New Worlds")

USS Atlantis

In 2382, he was forced to crash the Atlantis into a planet created by a revived Genesis experiment. His fate is not known after that incident. (BNW: "The Genesis Experiment")

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.


The title of this article is a nickname, callsign, or alias.

This article is about a canonical subject that lacks an official name, and is known only by its nickname, callsign, or alias.

Chain was the name that Darth Maul gave to a Duelist Elite droid that he used to train himself in lightsaber combat. As its name suggested, it was armed with a metal chain. It was destroyed beyond repair by Maul in 32.5 BBY.


  • Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

For the archetype, see Iron Chain

A Chain is formed when one player activates a card effect and his/her opponent responds with an effect of his/her own. For example:

A Chain is resolved starting with the last card played and working backward. For example:

Player 1's Seven Tools of the Bandit negates Player 2's Magic Jammer.

Magic Jammer's effect is negated, however, Player 2 still has to pay the 1 card required as a discard cost from his hand, for the activation of Magic Jammer, even though its effect was negated. The chain ends with all three cards going to the Graveyard, plus 1 card from Player 2's hand, and Raigeki's effect taking place.

A Chain is started whenever someone activates a card. That card automatically becomes Chain Link 1. If it goes unopposed, the chain still resolves with only one step having been taken.

Declaring an Attack or Summoning a Monster cannot be chained to, since those actions do not possess a Spell Speed. Instead, those actions can only be responded to if it was the last action to have happened on the field. If the Summon or Attack isn't responded to by the opponent (by passing, for example), then a player cannot then use a card that can only be activated in response to a Summon or Attack, such as Trap Hole or Bottomless Trap Hole (for a Summon) or Mirror Force or Sakuretsu Armor (for an attack), since the timing has been missed.

Example 1: Player 1 summons a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, then in response Player 1 activates Rush Recklessly on him. A chain has been started, but therefore the summon is still the last action to have resolved on the field, and you can still chain Trap Hole to Rush Recklessly..

Example 2: Player 1 summons a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but Player 2 declines to activate a card in response. If Player 1 then enters the Battle Phase and declares an attack, Player 2 has obviously missed the chance to activate in response to the summon and Trap Hole cannot be activated.

You can chain to every monster effect with the exception of Continuous Effects, that come into play as soon as the monster hits the field (Examples: Jinzo and Spell Canceller).

In a Chain, the effects are never activated immediately, until the last link in the chain has been declared. Then, starting from that last link, and moving back, the effects are activated in reverse order. Take this example:

Here, Dust Tornado would activate first, without Royal Decree's trap-negating effect going off. The same situation and result would occur if:

Also, you can chain to your own cards. Here is one such example:

This is actually a legal move; Magic Cylinder would negate the attack, and inflict burn damage to Player 1. Then, Mirror Force would resolve, and since its effect requirements have still been fulfilled (namely, a monster has still declared an attack, and there is at least 1 face-up Attack Position monster on the other side of the field), it would destroy all Player 1's Attack Position monsters.

It is entirely possible to win a game Mid-Chain.

Here, Ring of Destruction would resolve first, destroying Mobius the Frost Monarch to inflict 2400 points of damage to both players. Player 1 would have 100 Life Points remaining, but since Player 2's Life Points would drop to 0, he would lose the match, before his Magic Cylinder would take effect.

However, you cannot declare a win in the middle of a Chain Link. Here is one such example:

Here, Player 1 must discard two cards for the effect of Graceful Charity, and cannot declare a Victory until the Chain Link has fully resolved.

One should be careful though about the difference between simply destroying a card and negating the effects of that card. For example, activating Mystical Space Typhoon on Magic Cylinder would not stop the damage being reflected back as Mystical Space Typhoon does not say 'Negate the effects of...' therefore you have more or less wasted the use of a card.

However, if a card must remain on the field for its effects to work, such as Call of the Haunted, the effects of that card are negated as the card no longer exists on the field.

See Also: Chains, Activation, and Resolution.
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