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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Chadarnook (Demon/Woman)
Image:Chadarnook Demon.gifImage:Chadarnook_(FF6).png
Japanese チャダルヌーク
Romaji Chadarunūku
SNES Name Chadarnook
PS Name Chadnook
GBA Name Chadarnook

Chadarnook is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a painting of a Goddess, particularly the magicite Lakshmi Owzer has stored in his bookshelf. Owzer bought the painting, which was then inhabited by a Demon came to possess the painting. Owzer hired Relm to fix the problem, however, she could not do it. Therefore, the player party has to step in.

The Demon and the Woman alternate fighting randomly. The Woman is invincible, as she regenerates when killed. It counters most attacks with Phantasm, which inflicts HP Leak, a status similar to Poison and Sap that cannot be cured. It can also use Charm to inflict a similar status to Confusion that cannot be cured. The Demon is much easier, as it has about half the Woman's HP and only uses Thunder and Thundara spells to attack. These can be taken care of with Reflect Ring, but just be aware that the Demon absorbs lightning. It is, however, weak to Fire and Holy, so Fira spells and Sabin's Aura Cannon and Phantom Rush work well. When the Woman appears, it is recommended to defend, since Phantasm can get quite difficult to deal with. When the Demon appears, an all-out offensive is in order.


In the SNES version, Chadarnook was censored and appears with more fog over her body. Besides the original Japanese version, her uncensored image is used in the Advance version.

The censored SNES version with more fog.

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