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Final Fantasy X-2 Boss
Japanese チャク
Romaji Chaku
Location Via Infinito
Chapter(s) 5

Normal: "A serpentine fiend that shoots a strange beam from its eye. Though it primarily uses physical attacks, its Stony Glare and Heaven's Cataract will give you the most trouble."
Oversoul: "A fiend that can turn objects to stone with a glance. It petrifies its prey with Stony Glare, then prevents them from recovering by destroying their Softs."


Chac is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. It is Yunalesca after transforming into a Basilisk inside Via Infinito.

Chac is a very difficult enemy. She can Petrify characters with her Stony Glare attack, which works regardless of any immunities. Chac can also break a character with her Bash attack, completely removing them from battle. Because of this, it is good to pack extra Softs and Remedies to cure them before it happens. Chac's ultimate attack, Heaven's Cataract, does large amounts of damage to multiple characters and can also break them if they are petrified.



The simplest way to defeat Chac involves bringing a Gunner in critical condition that is wearing the Cat Nip accessory. Using her Trigger Happy ability will result in 9,999 damage per hit. After being hit by this a few times, Chac will fall. Also, to help survive the immensely powerful attacks that Chac uses, it is a good idea to equip the Adamantite accessory to either a character wearing the Berserker dress sphere or the Dark Knight dresssphere. The only down point to this is that the attack rate will be much lower than usual due to its effect.

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Chac is the Mayan god of rain and thunderstorm.

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