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The Cha'ouw Empire (or Chalchaj 'qmey) was a sovereign political, economic, military and social entity located in known space between the borders of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire. It shares close ties with the Klingon Empire, being recognized by the Klingon High Council after the Battle of the Illinois Sector and has been accepted as a member of the United Federation of Planets. The UFP maintains this alliance with the presence of a Federation Starbase, Starbase Rockford, on the border between Cha'ouw and Federation space. (Star Trek: Black Hawk)


Cha'ouw Culture

The Cha'ouw culture is split between a primarily artisan and technological society with no obvious caste system, and has produced some of the 'best engineers in the galaxy'. The original Chal were a race of Klingon/Romulan hybrids. In addition to the qualities inherited from their parent species, the race had the addition of Human organs that were harvested from prisoners obtained by both the empires. Their immune systems were also very advanced and resisted the effects of stasis. Due to the outbreak of a lethal virogen many Cha'ouwians began taking human mates in order to gentically combat the virus' effects. The culmination of which has significantly strenthened the race's immunw neurological and cardiovascular systems. The first generation of Chalchaj 'qmey from the Romulan side were actually outcasts, political prisoners and other undesirables. Those that were not exiled to Remus were instead sent to the Chal colony. As such, there is some level of kinship between the Chalchaj 'qmey and the Remans. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood). The Cha'ouw race appear humanoid with the distinctive Klingon forehead ridges and the pointed ears that marks their Romulan ancestry.

Naval and defense forces

Despite their close relation to the Federation, the Cha'ouw Military patterns its culture after the Klingon Defense Force. A Cha'ouwian Warrior can be just as fierce as any Klingon warrior and perhaps even more so. Bringing up the adage - "More Klingon than Klingons..." to describe members of the Cha'ouwian military. Their primary defense, the Cha'ouwian Imperial Star Fleet, is a mixture of Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan vessles. The Imperial Star Fleet regularly sends its members to the Federation's Starfleet Academy, the Klingon Warrior and Romulan Academies in hopes of combining strategy and tactics of all three races - a direct reflection of their own race. Therefore it is not unusual to see Imperial Star Fleet personnel wearing the uniform of the different races onboard their ships.

Early history

The Cha'ouw Homeworld, Chal, was an uninhabited planet that was first colonized by the Klingons in 2264. During the short-lived Klingon-Romulan Alliance it was decided that the colony would host a cross breeding program and a hidden military storage facility of both Romulan and Klingon weapons and vessels to be used in a surprise invasion of the Federation. The invasion never materialized however the colony was abandoned by both the Romulans and Klingons in 2289 and left with the hidden base for possible future use.

A Federation Starship found the location in 2289 and opened dialog with the inhabitance of Chal. In 2392 the Federation, in a good will gesture, gives the Chal a stripped down starship, the recently decommissioned USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) with retired Captain James T. Kirk in command. There he meets Teilani, whom he falls in love. However their time together is short lived as a rival and conspirator from the Khitomer Conference, now Commander, Starfleet, Admiral Androvar Drake who is attempting to ignite a war between the Klingons and Federation, destroying the recently concluded peace conference, after the hidden base is revealed. Using the Enterprise-A and himself as bait, Kirk lures Drake into a nebula where the proud starship is destroyed but not before rescue by Captain Hikaru Sulu and the Excelsior and the death of Admiral Drake. (ST Novel: Ashes of Eden).

NOTE: Entering divergence from Star Trek canon. After Kirk leaves Chal, Teilani discovers she is pregnant with his child but by the time word reach was to able him, Kirk had already died aboard the Enterprise-B. Teilani has a normal son, which she names after James Kirk and becomes K'Jam'S of the Cha'ouwian House of KiRk. James would later become a leader of the Chal, attending Starfleet Academy (starting a tradition of Cha'ouw princes altering their appearance and going to the academy), becoming a starship captain in his own right and then leaving Starfleet to become a military leader of his own people's Star Fleet.

In 2324, despite Federation opposition, the Klingon Empire decided to reclaim Chal in the absence of Romulan challenge. However, with their newly established space fleet, the Chal were preparing for such an event when the Klingon launched a force sized fleet in an attempt to assert their claim. The Klingon force was met by a equally strong fleet in the one and only battle of their brief conflict, known as the Battle of the Illinois Sector (which actually happened within Federation space in Sector 021).

To their credit, the Federation and Starfleet kept their distance and allowed the battle to proceed, intending to intervene only if the Chal appeared to be loosing (per mutual defense treaty signed in 2292). The Chal were thought to be a weak race by the Klingons as most were half-Romulan. However, lead by Admiral K'Jam'S, the Chal prevailed, decisively defeating the Klingon fleet. Shortly after, the Klingon Empire recognized the Chal government and pledged to assist their former colony. The Chal government was formed and, lead by K'Jam'S, declared the beginning of the Cha'ouw Empire. K'Jam'S rose to serve as first Emperor and his House,the House of Ki'Rk, became the prime noble house of the Empire.

Cha'ouw today

In 2367, diplomatic tension between the Federation and the Cha'ouw Empire increased when agents for the empire stole secret plans of the phase cloak technology that was in violation of the Treaty of Algeron between the Federation and the Klingons. The Cha'ouw had been experimenting with this technology and had failed. They learned of the Federation attempt and stole the plans to help them understand the technology better. It was moot as weeks later the technology was revealed when the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) (TNG: "The Pegasus"). Because of this Starfleet and Cha'ouw Imperial Star Fleet agreed to work together on this project, within the Cha'ouw Empire.

Despite this, plans were forged to build a new space station on the boarder between the Federation and Cha'ouw, to serve as a strategic outpost, complete with one of the most modern construction facilities in the galaxy. This would later become Starbase Rockford, commissioned in 2375. However the partially completed station was used by the Federation Alliance, which the Cha'ouw was a member, as a repair and supply station during the Dominion War. This site was placed in extreme danger as the Breen attacked areas close to the starbase at Hades VI. After the war standard construction was completed.

Relations between the Cha'ouw and the Federation are quite good. It is not unusual to see Cha'ouw Engineers helping on Federation dry-docks such as Utopia Planitia or 40 Endrani, and Federaion engineers assisting on the Chal Homeword's dry-docks. They have a mutual defense pack and allow Starfleet starships to patrol areas within the Cha'ouw Empire and vice versa with within areas of Federation space. Many Cha'ouw officers have attended Starfleet Academy and a few Starfleet officers have attended the Cha'ouwian version of the academy.


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