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Ceti Alpha V
The last remains of humanity approach Ceti Alpha V in an alternate timeline
Classification: Class K, previously Class M
Location: Ceti Alpha system,
Alpha Quadrant
Moon(s): None
Dominant Species: Augment,
Ceti eel
Population: Several Dozen Augments
Gravity: 1.3 G

Ceti Alpha V is the fifth planet of the Ceti Alpha system.

Prior to 2268, Ceti Alpha V was considered to be a Class M planet that was barely capable of supporting life. Following the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI and the changes to Ceti Alpha V's orbit and axis tilt, the planet became Class K. (Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, ENT episode "Twilight" and Decipher: Worlds)



Starfleet charted Ceti Alpha V from a very early period in Earth's exploration of the galaxy. While the planet did possess a great deal of life, it was not ideal for colonization as its weather conditions were considered extreme due to powerful rainstorms. Moreover, the planet lacked sufficient metals and minerals that could help sustain a colony.

In 2267, Captain James T. Kirk decided to leave Khan Noonien Singh and his Augment followers on the planet after they attempted to seize control of the USS Enterprise. While the planet would be a harsh environment for average human colonists, the same could not be said for Augments. In fact, Khan viewed this as an excellent opportunity to tame an extreme and inhospitable new world. Unfortunately, this lush world turned to hell six months later when Ceti Alpha VI exploded and all plant and animal life on Ceti Alpha V was killed. However, thanks to their enhanced abilities, Khan and his followers managed to survive the disaster. Cargo holds of the Botany Bay were turned into living quarters and the Augment colonists mined for fresh water and developed hydroponic gardens to grow their own crops.

In 2285, the USS Reliant traveled to Ceti Alpha V (believing it to be Ceti Alpha VI) in a search for test sites for the Genesis Device. Commander "Stoney" Beach detected atmospheric radon gas, along with blowing sand at high velocity, making it almost "completely lifeless" for Drs. Carol and David Marcus's requirements. That is, until what was thought to be a particle of pre-animate matter was caught in the matrix of Reliant's dynoscanner. When Captain Clark Terrell and Commander Pavel Chekov beamed down to inspect, they were taken prisoner by Khan and coerced, through use of the Ceti eel, into helping him leave the planet and reap his revenge on Admiral Kirk. Khan marooned the crew of the Reliant on Ceti Alpha V, where they remained until later rescued by the USS Enterprise. (TOS episode: "Space Seed", movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Decipher: Worlds).


The former close proximity of Ceti Alpha VI had an impact on the planet's surface as it produced a considerable tidal effect and resulted in the development of a large equatorial range which divided the two hemispheres. The northern hemisphere was warm, even lacking a polar ice cap, and possessed two major continents centered around mountain ranges. Three smaller island continents existed near the north pole. The southern hemisphere was cooler in temperature and was dominated by a vast ocean.

Following the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI, the equatorial range was battered by shockwaves while debris rained down upon the planet's surface. The impact of the debris sent tons of material into the now thinned atmosphere and resulted in perpetual storms which wore away anything that remained. In fact, the power of the storms was sufficient enough to wear down the equatorial mountain range with the highest mountain being only 6,400 meters by 2285.

A major shift in the planet's axis tilt rendered the tectonic plates unstable and resulted in frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. (Decipher: Worlds)

Oceans and Seas


Points of Interest

Natural History

Prior to Ceti Alpha V's transformation into a harsh class K world, the planet had a varied ecosystem and no large predatory animals.

The northern continents were dominated by forests which varied from tropical at the equator to temperate towards the north pole. The largest of the two main continents had a vast prairie landscape that included large herbivores which Khan and his followers referred to as "Ceti bison." Observation of the Ceti bison revealed that they would enter periods of inactivity and then periods of strange staggering. This odd behavior was caused by another native creature, the Ceti eel who used the bison as hosts for their young. The young of the Ceti eel would wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex of the bison resulting in the strange staggering. While the process seemed horrific, the Ceti bison had adapted to it and remained unharmed.

With the destruction of Ceti Alpha VI, all organisms on the planet died except for Khan and his followers, and the Ceti eel. (Decipher: Worlds)

Alternate Timelines

In an alternate timeline (2153-2165), the Xindi were successful in destroying Earth and other major human colonies. The remaining survivors (~6000 people) found temporary refuge on Ceti Alpha V, until the Xindi discovered the colony's location and it, too, was wiped out. (ENT episode "Twilight")

Mirror Universe

In the Mirror Universe, the Genesis Weapon was aimed at the uninhabitable Ceti Alpha V. However, the weapon was destroyed before it could transform the planet.

Ceti Alpha V became the resting place for Spock's body after he was shot dead by David Marcus, the illegitimate son of Captain James T. Kirk. David was seeking vengence for his father's death at the hands of Spock so many years earlier. Nevertheless, exposure to the device and the Genesis Effect regenerated Spock's DNA and the crew of ISS Enterprise risked a combined Klingon-Cardassian assault to rescue him. (ST roleplay module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

It is not stated whether or not Khan and his followers ever settled on the Mirror Universe Ceti Alpha V. The Genesis Weapon was activated during a struggle between Spock and fellow Vulcan T'Pau who had been declared an enemy of the empire for assassinating Emperor Danaher. T'Pau and her allies had seized the Imperial research based Regula I where Carol Marcus and her son David were developing the weapon.

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Ceti Alpha V was the fifth planet in the Ceti Alpha system. Prior to 2268 it was a Class M planet, however after the destruction of Ceti Alpha VI it had a dramatic climate shift that turned most of the surface to desert reducing it to a Class H planet. (ENT: "Twilight"; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

In 2388, Candela Greene and Eric Kramer were stranded on Ceti Alpha V. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

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