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Artwork of Cerberus from Final Fantasy IX.

Cerberus (ケルベロス Keruberosu) is a recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series. As with the Cerberus of myth, it appears as a monstrous three-headed dog.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy)

Cerberus appears as a boss in the Earthgift Shrine, a dungeon exclusive to the Dawn of Souls and Anniversary releases. As with the other three bosses in the shrine, it is based on its Final Fantasy III appearance. It drops the Kotetsu when defeated.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy III)

Cerberus' first appearance in the series, it is one of four bosses fought in the World of Darkness to release the Warriors of the Dark.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Cerberus (The After Years)

Once again, Cerberus appears as a boss based on its Final Fantasy III form. It is fought in the Depths of the True Moon.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Main article: Cerberus (Crisis Core)

Cerberus is the strongest of the dog-type enemies encountered.

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy VIII)

Cerberus appears as an optional boss in Galbadia Garden during the Battle of the Gardens. If defeated, it will join the player and can be summoned as a Guardian Force.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy IX)

Cerberus is encountered as a normal enemy in Ipsen's Castle.

Tetra Master

  • Card 022
  • Location: Lindblum, Business District

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy XI)

The Cerberus family are members of the Beast Type introduced in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack. They are encountered exclusively as Notorious Monsters. In particular, an enemy named Cerberus can be encountered at Mount Zhayolm once every three to five days.

Final Fantasy XII

Cerberus' bestiary entry
Main article: Cerberus (Final Fantasy XII)

Cerberus is fought as a normal enemy in the Feywood. Unlike previous incarnations of the Cerberi, these take upon the shape of hyena-like creatures, with a flame burning at the tip of their horns.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Main article: Cerberus (Mystic Quest)

Cerberus is one of the strongest normal enemies in the game. It is fought aboard Mac's Ship and inside Doom Castle.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Cerberus in Crystal Chronicles
Main article: Cerberus (Crystal Chronicles)

Cerberus appears at the Goblin Wall for Cycles Two and Three, and at Rebena Te Ra in all Cycles.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Main article: Cerberus (My Life as a King)

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