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Ceodore Harvey
Character design artwork
Sprite(s) Menu portrait Battle sprite
Japanese Name Ceodore Harvey
Kana セオドア
Romaji Seodoa
Job Prince > Red Wings
Skill White Magic
Birthplace Baron
Age 17
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Right-handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character
"Prince of the kingdom of Baron, and son of King Cecil and Queen Rosa, the man and woman who once fought to save the world. The castle court has great expectations of him, but he has doubts about his own abilities.""
—Game description

Prince Ceodore Harvey is a playable character and the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Son of Cecil Harvey and Rosa Joanna Farrell, he is named after his uncle, Cecil's older brother, Theodor. He is one-quarter Lunarian, due to his father's half-Lunarian heritage.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
Ceodore's party under attack.

At the beginning of the game, Ceodore is being tested to become a Knight and he is being accompanied with Biggs and Wedge, commanders of the Red Wings fleet. Ceodore's test happens near the Mythril town, in the Adamant Isle Grotto. During the mission, Biggs leaves Ceodore alone to complete his mission with his own abilities and to obtain the Knight's Emblem. In order to do this, he has to fight a Sand Worm, who almost defeats him. Fortunately he then learns Awaken and defeats the monster and he obtains the Emblem. Just before Ceodore is taken down, a mysterious man rescues him. Through the way of the Devil's Road, he returns home only to find that everyone around him, including his father Cecil, are really monsters in disguise. Pursued by the impostors, Ceodore and the mysterious man went through the Mist Cave, where the latter reveals he is searching for Kain. Joined by Rosa, Cid, and Edward, they returned to Baron where Kain was revealed to be only his dark half and that the man was revealed to be the real Kain, who then defeats his doppelganger and becomes a Holy Dragoon. Then they have to fight the possessed Cecil and Odin. During the fight, Odin comes to his senses and knocks Cecil out of his possession. While the others are nursing Cecil, Ceodore joins with Rydia, Golbez, Rosa, and Edge to take out the Maiden. She escapes after her defeat, and Golbez calls the Lunar Whale to chase after her. Ceordore assists the party for the rest of the game and was last seen training with his father at Baron before going with Kain to help Damcyan with repairing the various areas of the world.


Ceodore is able to use White Magic and, after defeating the first boss, Awaken, which recovers health and doubles his base stats for three turns, then temporarily weakens him. The spells he can use are as follows:

Concept art of Cecil, Rosa, and Ceodore (from top to bottom) by Yoshitaka Amano.
Magic Learned
Cure Level 1
Libra Level 5
Protect Level 12
Raise Level 14
Cura Level 15
Esuna Level 20
Magic Learned
Float Level 25
Shell Level 34
Blink Level 40
Reflect Level 45
Haste Level 47
Curaga Level 49

Ceodore is also able to perform the following Band Abilities:

  • Cross Slash: Ceodore (Fight) + Mysterious Man (Fight)
  • Cross Slash Prime: Ceodore (Fight) + Kain (Fight)
  • Divine Heal: Ceodore (White Magic) + Rosa (Blessing)
  • Rocket Launcher: Ceodore (Fight) + Cid (Analyze)
  • Thunder Wave: Ceodore (Attack) + Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Twin Rush: Ceodore + Ursula (Event)
  • Vibra Plus: Ceodore (Attack) + Cecil (Attack)
  • Double Jump: Ceodore + Kain (Event)
  • Advanced Blade: Ceodore (Attack) + Cecil (Attack) + Golbez (Black Magic)
  • Rapid Fire: Ceodore (Attack) + Tsukinowa (Attack) + Palom (Black Magic)
  • Delta Evolution: Ceodore (Attack) + Ursula (Attack) + Luca (Attack)
  • Sword and Fist: Ceodore (Attack) + Cecil (Attack) + Ursula (Attack) + Yang (Attack)
  • Makeshift Cannon: Ceodore (Attack) + Palom (Black Magic) + Porom (White Magic) + Ursula (Kick) + Luca (Big Throw)
  • Vibra Prime: Cecil (Fight) + Ceodore (Fight) + Rosa (Aim) + Cid (Fight) + Kain (Fight)

Equipment and stats

Ceodore has high stats in both the physical and magical departments, quite fitting for a Paladin. He also has high Attack power and Defense. Due to his high Spirit, he can be a great White Mage, too. His selection of spells is sufficient for providing the party with a variety of buffs, and for very efficient spot-healing. The player can decide if they want to turn Ceodore into a warrior or a healer. The primary advantage of Ceodore compared to other healers is his high Speed, meaning that in some situations he may be able to fill gaps in healing due to the main healer's slowness.

Level Strength Speed Stamina Intellegence Spirit
1 6 6 5 2 7
10 10 11 8 4 11
20 15 16 13 7 16
30 21 23 20 12 23
40 31 29 28 17 31
50 48 38 38 22 38


American version (left) and Japanese version (right).
  • Curiously, Ceodore's artwork was altered for the American version of the game. The altered artwork has a somewhat less childish and manga-ish face than in the Japanese version. The American version also looks less like a sketch and more finished than the Japanese version

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