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The Centrality
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The Centrality was an independent government, a lengthy region of space nestled between Hutt Space and the Cron Drift, consisting of several dozen star systems. It was an empty region lacking many stable hyperspace routes, with areas so devoid of systems that some travelers would run out of fuel before finishing their journeys even halfway. Inhabitants were referred to as Centrans.



The Centrality allied itself with the Galactic Empire. It was regarded as largely strategically unimportant by Emperor Palpatine, and he permitted Rokur Gepta, Sorcerer of Tund, to maintain a jurisdiction over it and its government.

After the deaths of Gepta and Palpatine, the Centrality maintained its independence but had little impact on galactic affairs, signing a treaty of friendship with the New Republic after the fall of the Empire. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, it is believed that the Centrality escaped most of the war, though it may have participated in the Galactic Alliance, the coalition of galactic powers fighting the final battle against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Planets in the Centrality included Antipose XII, Dela, Dilonexa XXIII, Douglas III, Erilnar, Hosrel XI, Lekua V, Paulking XIV, Renatasia III, Rafa IV, Rafa V, Rigneldia II, Scillal, Trammis III, Tund, Uaua, Zebitrope IV, and Zebitrope VIII. The Oseon system and the ThonBoka were also in the Centrality.

Lando Calrissian had a series of adventures in this region of space with his droid ally, Vuffi Raa, in the days when he was still owner of the Millennium Falcon.


Behind the scenes

L. Neil Smith may have intended "The Centrality" as an alternate name for the Empire, or at least its holdings in the Galactic Core; the name "Centrality" itself would seem to refer to being at the center of things, and references to the Centrality and the Empire in the novels seem to be interchangeable. Regardless, it has been established in other novels (notably A.C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy), reference books, and campaign guides, to be a separate entity.



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