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Central City was a city on Earth that existed by the 28th century. It encompassed the whole lower half of England, having absorbed London by the 24th century. (DW: The Sensorites)

In year 4000 the Space Security Service had its headquarters in Central City. (DW: The Daleks' Master Plan)

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DC Comics

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Central City

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Central City
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Central City, Missouri, located across the Mississippi River from Keystone City, Kansas, was founded in the 19th century and became an important stop for cattle drives. It began to see tremendous growth after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, becoming the first major hubs west of Chicago. A second period of growth occurred after World War I, and it has burgeoned to the present day.[1] Central City was the home to the second Flash, Barry Allen.

In the 25th Century, the city became known as the Central Cityplex.[2]

Points of Interest

Main article: Central City Locales
  • Brookfield Heights - trendy residential area
  • Chubbuck - residential area and home to Central City Hospital
  • City Center - downtown area and home to the Flash Museum
  • Danville - middle class residential area and home to Barry and Iris Allen
  • Englewood - residential area with scenic views of nearby Granite Peak National Park
  • Lawrence Hills - industrial area
  • Leawood - blue-collar residential area and home to Central City Stadium
  • Mounds View - home to Hardwell Fields, the city's airport, and named after many Native American burial mounds in the area
  • New Brighton - residential and commercial area, home to the Central City Rail Station
  • Petersburg - home to many of Central City's excellent restaurants
  • University Town - home to Central City University
  • Westminster - formerly home to stockyards, now the location of S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Windsor Heights - very exclusive residential area[1]




  • Central City Cougars


  • Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Central and Keystone were not twin cities. Rather, Central City only existed on Earth-One and Keystone City only existed on Earth-Two.
  • Some sources have shown Central City to be in Ohio instead of Missouri.
  • The map in the Atlas of the DC Universe claims that Keystone and Central are across the Mississippi from each other, which implies that it flows very differently in the DCU than in our universe, as the Mississippi does not border Kansas. However, the Missouri does, and if the DCU Mississippi is analogous to the real-life Missouri, then Central City is in the northwestern corner of the state, near Kansas City.
  • The Atlas also claims that I-74 goes through Central City. This interstate is clearly routed differently in the DC Universe than in our own, as it does not go through Missouri. It also shows an outerbelt, I-274, going south of the city. No such interstate exists in our universe, although one is planned for Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • The DCU version of Central City is not to be confused with the city by the same name as seen in Will Eisner's The Spirit.

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  • Absorbascon estimate of the Size of Central City

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Marvel Database

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Central City

Central City
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Central City

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Fantastic Four #1
(November, 1961)



Central City was the original home of the Fantastic Four. It was from the nearby rocket base that Reed Richards and the others blasted off on their fateful trip into space. This was also the place where the Fantastic Four made their debut as a super-hero team when the Mole Man sent his monsters to attack the surface.


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This article is about the city on Earth. For the city on Cybertron from the Energon cartoon, see Central City (Energon).
This article is about the city near Autobot Headquarters. For the other city near Autobot Headquarters with a similar name, see Center City.
Central City is a city in the Generation One continuity family.

Central City is a large human settlement near the Autobots' not-so concealed headquarters.



Cartoon continuity

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Associated characters


Voice actor: Alan Oppenheimer (US), ? (Japan)
"Do you mind?! I am just trying to have a quiet meal with my secret other family!"

The bespectacled mayor of Central City won the bitterly contested 1986 election against his rival, the influential businessman Shawn Berger.

The mayor easily mixes up his speeches.

Shawn Berger

Voice actor: Ed Gilbert (US), ? (Japan)
A triple-patty heart-stopper deluxe of greed, dripping with cheese.

A powerful and unscrupulous businessman, Berger runs Berger, Inc., a large company that operates a major commercial television network and a rocket launchpad in Central City. Greedy and power-hungry, what Berger desires most is to be mayor and have the adulation of the masses. He is known to make demagogue-styled impassioned rants on television while sitting in front of the American flag. How very topical.

See main article on Shawn Berger.


Voice actor: Bud Davis (US), ? (Japan)
The smartest/dumbest among them.

This mustachioed man threw tomatoes at Optimus Prime immediately after watching Berger's supposedly damning evidence of the Autobots' duplicity. He demanded that the Autobots "go home!" It is unknown whether he had already purchased the produce prior to the Autobot Day parade, or if he purchased them after watching Berger's footage specifically for the purpose of throwing the tomatoes in indignant anger. As Spike, Sparkplug and Chip Chase left with the Autobots, he accused them of being "lousy Autobot-lovers" and led a mob.

Notable locations

It should be noted that many buildings in Central City are large enough to accommodate Transformers within their interiors.

Meanwhile, at Judiciary Square...

City Hall

This imposing edifice of bureaucratic opulence impresses even the vain Sunstreaker in its majestic brown colour.

Berger, Inc. building

The commute's great, but it's hell on the windows.

Standing in Central City's business district, the Berger, Inc. building rises not very high above the other skyscrapers surrounding it. A helipad for Berger's personal helicopter is on the roof of the building, under which his poorly decorated office is located on the seventh of nine floors. It has a lot of windows, which makes Laserbeak's job much easier.

Fake Solar Power Plant

Ask your doctor about Viagra™!

This faux solar power plant was donated by Shawn Berger after losing the election, in a scheme to lure the Decepticons into attacking the plant. The inoperative plant hid Berger's private army tanks, which were supposed to defeat the Decepticons in battle, humiliate the real mayor and win Berger his much-cherished adulation of the masses. Unfortunately, they didn't, it didn't and he didn't.

Oil field

Despite all this oil, Megs never actually tried to steal any of it.

The lazy and shiftless workers of this oil field don't bother turning up until it is well into the daylight hours, allowing fake Autobots to steal the oil right out of the tanks.

Sports Stadium


Whether it's football or staging a rigged trial to determine the fate of friendly alien robots, Central City's Sports Team Stadium is there for you!

It's either surrounded by gigantic buildings, or else holds some incredibly tiny humans.


The lady in the pink rushes to BotCon.

This local sports center held a Teen Dance Day later on Decepticon Day (or the day earlier or the day after - who knows). Inside, to go with the seizure-inducing disco lighting, they were playing all the music teenagers love, such as big band music, but no Cold Slither. Soundwave took the cassettes to the dance; Rumble got down with his good self, Ravage was a big hit with the ladies, but some kid dared to offer Laserbeak a cracker. Laserbeak looked at him as if he would have preferred to eat the kid.

Central City (Armada)

Central City is a human city some distance from Lincoln, Nebraska by bus.


Cartoon continuity

To help the Space Mini-Con Team escape from the Autobots, Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Billy and Fred bought them bus tickets to Central City.

However, they disembarked before the bus reached its destination and instead hid the Mini-Cons in a Farmhouse hideout. Runaway

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