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Centra Ruins

The Centra Ruins (セントラ遺跡, Sentora Iseki) is a location on the Centra continent in Final Fantasy VIII. It is dominated by an octahedral frame and is the only remaining structure from the ancient Centra civilization. It is the home of Tonberries as well as the Guardian Force Odin.

Upon entering the ruins, a timer begins. The party must then find a series of red gemstones and place them in the eyes of statues in order to acquire the secret code to access the room where Odin is fought - if they cannot do this before the timer ends, they must start over.

The Tonberry King also appears here randomly once 20 or more Tonberries have been killed. Defeating him earns him as a Guardian Force.



The Centra Ruins, obviously located within the destroyed continent of Centra, is located near Mount Yorn to the south-east of the Centra Crater.

Location of the Centra Ruins, indicated by the crosshair.


See also: Centra.

The Centra ruins may look ancient, but are riddled with technology. Throughout the structure, the player can see blue and red wires, which power the few basic apparatus inside the structure. However, some devices work as if controlled by magic. It is unknown what purpose the ruins once served.

Musical Themes

The Centra Ruins' theme is "Find Your Way", which is the standard dungeon music shared by other places in the game.



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