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The pathway into the Centra Excavation Site

The Centra Excavation Site is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. It is visited during the second Laguna dream, when Squall's party are heading toward Galbadia Garden. Esthar are excavating what will become the Lunatic Pandora, and it appears that Laguna, Kiros and Ward are there by accident. Also, some of the actions played out here have a direct consquence when Lunatic Pandora is invaded by SeeD in Disc 3. For example, opening up the floor compartment to halt the Esthar soldiers allows the player to find a draw point. There are many of these, some involving 'Old Keys', which open up new rooms to explore later on.




Excavation Site Entrance
Excavation Site Entrance

Leading in from the forest surrounding the site the excavation's entrance consisted of a complex network of metal catwalks, iron ladders and lead beams patrolled by Esthar soldiers.

  • Draw - Sleep, Confuse

Excavation Site Depths
Excavation Site Depths

The site itself seems alien of nature with walls and floors made up of some glowing bluish rock unlike anything seen on the planet. The Esthar have constructed a network of tunnels that travel throughout this unique location.

  • Draw - Cure


At the end of one of the Esthar built tunnels is a dead-end. A cliff that overlooks the ocean far below. Galbadian soldiers Laguna, Ward and Kiros jumped off of this cliff to escape the Esthar forces pursuing them through the site.


The Excavation was located within the Centra continent just north of the Centra Crater amongst the mountains in the region. Aqua blue markings on the ground (a draw point for Demi) reveal its exact location.

Location of the excavation site, indicated by the crosshair

Musical Themes

Again, the dungeon music "Find Your Way" is used here.


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