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Oceanic 815 flight manifest


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The flight manifest contains the names of all the passengers who flew on Oceanic Flight 815. From the manifest, Hurley determined that Ethan Rom was not on Flight 815, and was in fact an Other. ("Raised by Another")

Hurley used the manifest in order to make a census of everyone on the beach and at the caves. He asked everyone for names, place of residence, and the reason they were in Australia to compile the census.

Only a few people have actually seen the manifest:

  • Locke - He knows Hurley's and Sawyer's real names from the manifest (Hugo Reyes and James Ford, respectively).
  • Sawyer - Hurley originally got the manifest from Sawyer's stash.
  • Hurley - He used it to compile the census.
  • Frank Lapidus - He claimed to have memorized the entire manifest for Flight 815 and was able to identify Juliet as not being a passenger. ("Confirmed Dead")

The earliest known time that the mid-section survivors were in possession of the manifest was day 5 - Sunday, September 26th, 2004, during the burning of the fuselage. It then went into Sawyer's possession for approximately eleven days before passing to Hurley on Day 16.

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