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Tycho Celchu

The Tycho Celchu Trial was a highly publicized trial in 7 ABY.



In 5 ABY, Captain Tycho Celchu was sent to Coruscant on an undercover mission in a stolen TIE Fighter. On the way out, he was captured. Celchu was then sent to Lusankya, Ysanne Isard's personal prison. Then he was transferred to another prison on Akrit'tar, where he eventually escaped. Unfortunately, Celchu came under intense suspicion upon his return to the Alliance. Having spent time at Lusankya, Celchu was viewed as a possible security risk, due to Lusankya's reputation for brainwashing its prisoners into Imperial sleeper agents. Celchu distinguished himself from other prisoners of Lusankya by retaining his memory of his time spent there. No other prisoner had had any recollection of their imprisonment until after their brainwashing had been activated, causing them to commit some shocking terrorist act. Despite retaining his memory, and his strong conviction that he was not brainwashed, Celchu was viewed as too much of a security risk to be released back into active duty.

Despite this, Wedge Antilles trusted him enough to fight for his inclusion in the roster of Rogue Squadron during its reformation in 6.5 ABY. Assigned to the unit as executive officer, Celchu was forced to endure severe restrictions on his freedom, including flying a Forbidden.

During Rogue Squadron's infiltration of Coruscant, Celchu was not considered trustworthy enough to accompany the squadron. Officially assigned to the Rogues' base on Noquivzor, he was assumed killed during an attack on the base by Warlord Zsinj. However, Celchu was actually on Coruscant during the attack, on Wedge Antilles's orders. Celchu's subordinate, Corran Horn, found this highly convenient, given his suspicions of Celchu, namely that he had seen Celchu in a bar meeting with someone Horn believed to be Kirtan Loor, an Imperial Intelligence agent. When Horn confronted Celchu, Celchu was unconcerned, since he knew Horn's investigative skill would exonerate him.

Several Rogues flew Z-95 Headhunters Celchu had obtained during the assault on Coruscant's shields, including Horn. After successful mission lowering of the planetary shields, Horn flew to investigate some anomaly showing on his radar screen. He suddenly lost all control of his fighter and crashed, presumably dying in the wreckage. Celchu was immediately arrested for the murder of Corran Horn, and for high treason against the New Republic.


Celchu had the command codes to Corran's fighter, so he had the opportunity and means to cause the crash. More, shortly before his death Corran (convinced Celchu was a spy) had made threats to uncover the traitor among them. Coupled with Corran's accusation of meeting Loor, this gave Celchu powerful motive. Furthermore, a sum of fifteen million credits belonging to Celchu was discovered spread across his six bank accounts, believed to be bribes from the Empire. Last but not least, his security status following his escape from Imperial clutches lent credence to the accusation that he was indeed an Imperial agent.


The New Republic was hard-pressed to contain the deadly Krytos virus left behind by Ysanne Isard. Growing resentment against the human population, due to human's immunity to the virus, prompted the New Republic to expedite and publicize Celchu's trial, in order to show that the New Republic was not display favoritism towards humans.

The fact that Corran Horn was being hailed as a heroic martyr and that Tycho was accused of being his heartless murderer was enough for citizens to put him in the same category as Prince Xizor, Darth Vader and even the Emperor.


The trial was presided over by a tribunal of three officers in the New Republic military, Admiral Ackbar, General Horton Salm, and General Crix Madine. While Salm had been highly vocal about his suspicions of Celchu since his imprisonment, he believed this would not affect his ability to judge unbiased, as he could also account for Celchu's unmatched bravery. Madine was victim of a similar Imperial plot to frame him, so he was expected to be receptive to that possibility. Ackbar was considered completely neutral.

The prosecuting attorney Halla Ettyk, was another survivor from Alderaan. She was known for her aggressive and incisive prosecuting techniques. The head investigator for the prosecution was intelligence agent Iella Wessiri, Corran Horn's former partner in the Corellian Security Force.

Nawara Ven, Tycho's defense lawyer

Celchu's defense attorney was Nawara Ven, a retired lawyer flying with Rogue Squadron. Corran Horn's R2 unit Whistler aided the defense, believing Horn's suspicious about Celchu to be incorrect. The basis of Celchu's defense was he had been framed, and that the true mole in Rogue Squadron was still at large. Celchu claimed to have met with a Duros pilot named Lai Nootka, not Kirtan Loor, thus proving that he truly did have nothing to fear.

The trial progressed quickly, with most of the points being scored for the prosecution. The members of Rogue Squadron were called on to testify, and although most considered him innocent, Ettyk's aggressive prosecution managed to weaken their testimony, in many cases managing to twist their words into supporting the prosecution. Nawara Ven's attempts to locate Nootka were unsuccessful. Indeed, no conclusive evidence could be found to prove that Nootka even existed.

Celchu's chances looked decreasingly bleak, until Nawara Ven was contacted by Kirtan Loor, who promised to testify before the court that he had never met Celchu, as well as name the mole in Rogue Squadron. On the morning he was going to testify, Loor was escorted to the courthouse by Iella Wessiri and Nawara Ven. On the way, Diric Wessiri, Iella's husband and former brainwashed inmate of Lusankya, attacked and murdered Loor, injuring Ven in the process. Fortunately, a better witness arrived at the courthouse with compelling testimony... Corran Horn.


"Lieutenant Horn, I have to ask, how did you get here?... You, ah, are dead."
― General Horton Salm

Corran Horn, who had been imprisoned by Ysanne Isard, managed to escape from Lusankya. During his escape, he uncovered evidence proving that Isard's attempts to brainwash Celchu were, like himself, not successful. Thus, Horn was able to deduce that the true mole in Rogue Squadron was Thyferran pilot Erisi Dlarit. Horn's appearance at the trial was able to free Celchu of all charges. With the exposure of the real traitor, General Airen Cracken of New Republic Intelligence, revealed that he had known all along of Celchu's innocence, and that the trial was a distraction to give them time to discover the true traitor. Ettyk informed Admiral Ackbar that she was withdrawing all charges against Celchu; Ackbar gladly told Celchu that he was truly free to go.

During Horn's testimony, a Super Star Destroyer identifying itself as the Lusankya burst from beneath the surface of Coruscant. Dlarit escaped with it.

To repair Celchu's image, the New Republic held a highly public press conference announcing that the Celchu trial had been an intelligence operation designed to draw out the traitor in Rogue Squadron, and that Celchu had been a willing participant in that operation. Ten days after the escape of the Lusankya a ceremony was held honoring the members of Rogue Squadron. Mon Mothma revealed the truth behind the trial, and made a point of affirming that Celchu was a loyal son of Alderaan, as well as a steadfast member of the New Republic.


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