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Beluga Sturgeon is the largest of the three caviar species, and Beluga caviar has a mild, delicate flavor with a blue-gray color. Osetra is a smaller fish with small-grained eggs that are nutty in flavor with a golden yellow color. Sevruga is the smallest of the three, with eggs that are strongly flavored and reddish or dark colored. The fish eggs most commonly used in "domestic caviar" are Atlantic Sturgeon, White Sturgeon, Hackleback Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Bowfin Fish, Golden White Fish, Salmon, and Trout. Poor quality caviar tastes metallic, salty and fishy. Caviar may be simply defined to many as being "fish eggs". Caviar is among the most expensive wild foodstuffs in the world, but the fish that produce the little black eggs are rapidly disappearing. Ninety percent of caviar comes from wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. Caviar comes from the icy waters of the Caspian Sea where the environment is most conducive to producing the finest sturgeon. Through chemical analysis it has been revealed that caviar does contain 47 vitamins and minerals.

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Caviar is a food and enhancing ingredient used in Barbarian Training to enhance potions. It is not a secondary ingredient. Caviar is the only type of fish eggs that will mix with potions from Energy and up, though it can be used with all potions. When eaten, it heals 5 Hitpoints. It is obtained when players cut open the Barbarian fish leaping sturgeon with a knife. Caviar can be used as bait while fishing at Baxtorian Falls, along with Fish offcuts and Roe. Caviar cannot be mixed with any other ingredients with the Cooking skill to create a new type of food. Similar to roe, Caviar can only be eaten by right clicking.

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