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The Cavern of Earth.
The Cavern of Earth on the World Map.

The Cavern of Earth, also known as the Earth Cave and Terra Cave, is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located south of Melmond, and the Warriors of Light must come here to find the source of the earth's rot.

The first floor of the cave offers many branching paths away from the center starting point. The bend to the west of the entrance ladder is particularly dangerous as it forces repetitive battles at every single step, but the ladder to the next floor is a short walk east. The next three levels take some time to traverse through, as they are comprised of many small rooms and contain more powerful enemies. After defeating the Vampire and returning with the Earth Rod, the player can access the next two floors which hold still harder enemies.



The Crystal Room in the Cavern of Earth.

The Warriors of Light make their way to the bottom of the cave and defeat a vampire residing there on the fifth floor who seems to be the cause of the problem. However, this fails to stop the rotting of the earth. Later, they speak with the wise and ancient sage Sadda who lives in a cave to the west. Sadda gives them a rod with which they can move an obstacle at the back of the Vampire's chamber. They return with the rod and expose a secret passage, revealing two deeper floors into the cave. Here, they find and defeat the Lich, the Fiend of Earth who is leeching power off from the Earth Crystal, and rid the earth of its rotting, the first purification of the Crystals.


Item Location
1,975 gil B1
795 gil B1
Antidote B1
Potion B1
880 gil B1
330 gil B2
Coral Sword B2
Tent B2
Sleeping Bag B3
3,400 gil B3
Gold Needle B3
3,400 gil B3
1,020 gil B3
Ruby B3
Staff B4
3,400 gil B4
1,520 gil B4
5,450 gil B4
1,455 gil B4
Tent B4
Mythril Shield B4
1,250 gil B4


Battle Background.
Lich's Battle Background.


The Background Music that plays inside the Cavern of Earth is "Mt. Gulg".



  • If players head immediately left upon entering the area, they will come to a dead end passageway, where every step sends them into a battle with at least one Hill Gigas and up to three Lizards. If the player is sufficiently leveled, they can kill the enemy party in a couple rounds, earning several hundred EXP and approximately a thousand gil every battle. If the player wishes, this is a good place to level up early in the game.

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