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Cave slime are poisonous Slayer monsters found in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves and Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. They require level 17 slayer to kill. They are notable for dropping considerable amounts of Swamp tar, which can be sold for 133 coins each. They can also drop level 1 clue scrolls. Cave slimes are good creatures for making money if used correctly.



Strengths and Weaknesses

Cave slimes have a maximum melee hit of 5, and are poisonous. The poison does up to 3 damage per hit and is inflicted in one of 2 ways: when they attack, and when they are hit with a close melee attack (even if the attack kills the slime). In either case, the player will be poisoned about 95% of the time, unless the player protects themselves accordingly by taking Anti-poison potions or using the thermal bath Spa at Oo'glog before fighting these monsters. Super antipoison potions are regarded as quite useful, as each dose gives immunity to poison for 6 minutes. An alternative for higher leveled players is to bring decent food (such as tuna) to offset damage from the poison, as their melee attacks rarely do any direct damage, and the poison is generally mild.

Although these monsters have good drops, some lower leveled players do not prefer to train on them due to large number of antipoison potions required. However, players who can kill the slimes quickly can usually make a profit from the swamp tar drops, even after paying for the super antipoison potions.

Caveslime safe spot
caveslime safe spot small map location

Players using long-range combat (magic, ranged, or long melee weapons like Halberds) do not need any poison protection as long as they use Safe spots. There is a safe spot near the south-west fishing spot in Lumbridge swamp cave (see picture).

Players should not go into the Lumbridge Swamps dungeon with an open light (this includes candles, torches, etc.), as the flame will eventually cause the gases in the cave to explode. This can cause massive damage to the player (up to 20, depending on the player's hitpoints) and possibly death. Also, the light source will be extinguished, and swarming insects will then constantly hit 1s on the player until the player relights a light source, escapes the cave, or dies. An enclosed light source like a Bullseye lantern or a flameless light source like a Seers' headband will not ignite the gases and is highly recommended.



100% drops




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