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Cave of the Gi

The Cave of the Gi is a dungeon in the dark depths Cosmo Canyon in Final Fantasy VII. It is a shadow-filled cavern filled with the malevolent spirits of the Gi Tribe and traps of all kinds. There are mini caves with switches inside that must be broken to go forward, and large spider webs that cause fights with the enemy Stinger that block the paths. It is possible to glitch through one of the webs, thus avoiding a fight with the Stinger, though it rarely happens.

The cave is the only dungeon in the game where floor damage can be incurred, possibly a result of a preproduction concept of the player having been intended to be able to obtain a special materia that negated this property. This materia was subsequently removed later in development.



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Red XIII howls in respect to his fallen father

Years before the start of Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII's father, Seto was the guardian of Cosmo Canyon. However, the malevolent Gi Tribe attempted to destroy the peaceful canyon by attacking through the Cave of the Gi. Seto fought them off, but was killed in Cosmo Canyon's defense and was turned to stone. Nanaki considered his father a coward for abandoning his mother and him.

During Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife and his party come to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII, they meet with Bugenhagen who tells them of Red XIII's emotional difficultly. The party decides to go down into the Cave of the Gi with Bugenhagen to show Red XIII the truth of his father. They fight their way through the cave, but then come upon a ghostly site. The ghosts of the Gi Tribe brought back in the from of the angry spirit, Gi Nattak. The ghost is beaten, and Red XIII sees the stone statue of his father up on the cliff. He then realizes that his father was a hero, and decides to continue to journey with Cloud Strife's party.

Items Found

Monster Formations

An above view of the interior of the cave

First Cavern

Second Cavern

Third Cavern

Final Cavern

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