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The Cave of Tides.
The Cave of Tides on the World Map.

The Cave of Tides, also known as Water Cave, is a location in Final Fantasy III found in a southeastern island on the Overworld. It houses the Water Crystal. After defeating the Kraken here, the dark flood covering the Surface World subsides, revealing three continents and resuming the flow of time.



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After meeting Aria at the Wrecked Ship, the Light Warriors escort her to the Temple of Water and through the Cave of Tides. There she unseals the gate to the bottom of the cave, leading to the Crystal. Upon reaching the Crystal Room, Aria restores the Water Crystal, but Kraken ambushes the Warriors of Light, and in an attempt to shoot Luneth, Aria gets in the way and is hit by the arrow instead, being mortally wounded. Enraged, the Warriors defeat Kraken, and after Aria's last words, the Water Crystal blesses the Warriors with its power.


Item Location
Blizzaga Fifth Area (DS only)


Battle Background




Crystal Room

File:Crystal Tower BG .PNG


The background music that plays inside the Cave of Tides is called "Into the Crystal Cave".

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