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Cave nightshade
A grown Nightshade.

Nightshade is used in Herblore to make Super strong weapon poison along with poison ivy berries and coconut milk. This requires level 82 Herblore. It is untradeable but there are two slow spawns in caves in the ogre city Gu'Tanoth south of Yanille. Nightshade may also be grown at Draynor Manor, and requires gloves or gauntlets in order to pick it - otherwise the player won't be able to pick the nightshade, as well as suffering a one-time 2 poison damage. The seed grown to get nightshade is a belladonna seed. The location of the cave nightshade spawns in Gu'Tanoth are indicated in the map, you will need a Skavid map and a light source of some kind to access these spawns.

Tips for power nightshade gathering:

Using the map below, go to the southern (mad skavid) cave, if you will be killing rats; use the northern cave for bone respawns (explained below).
Do wear a Ring of Dueling for fast banking, a pair of gloves is not needed, in the skavid caves.
Nightshade respawns in 45 seconds.
You can not trade Nightshade to anyone, not even to a familiar - "but" a Magic box. (Although you can not hold nightshade in a familiar, you can use a yak's Winter Storage scroll special to bank the nightshade)

(also known as an imp-in-a box) can transport them to the bank. Filling your inventory with imp boxes and a skavid map will net 81 nightshades per trip, but will cost 60,750 gold in imp boxes, if the boxes are left behind. It is possible to transport empty imp boxes as regular cargo, using a live imp-in-a-box. With each transaction of 2 items (consisting of an empty box and a night shade) each trip will cost 750 gp per trip, with one box left behind, and will net 54 nightshades. This is the fastest way known to gather nightshade, yet a full load will take at least an hour.

Wearing a Mining helmet or Seers' Village Diary Headband (any level), saves 2 spaces in your inventory, (though you will be reminded you have no tinderbox, it is entirely safe not to carry one) but a skavid map must be held in inventory, whilst in the caves.

A locator from Mobilizing Armies may also be used to teleport to a Skavid cave without need of a Skavid map.

Bring something to occupy your time waiting for respawns. High-Alching is among the most popular methods. The southern cave is a good place to run to seed a 1/10 crystal bow on the very fast respawning rat. The northern cave has 4 bone respawns, for exceedingly slow prayer leveling.

Nightshade also features in the Watchtower quest, which is why it is untradable.

WARNING: Eating nightshade will deal 15 points of damage, a while ago it was used in a popular scam, which is another reason why it was made untradable. Eating it you will also say: "Ahhhh! What have I done!" If using it to make potions, a safe way to prevent oneself from eating it is to turn the number of mouse buttons to one, or to use the unfinished potion with the nightshade as opposed to the other way around.


  • Old image of the nightshade.


  • During the Dream Mentor quest, If a Cave nightshade is used on Cyrisus, the following message will appear: "How evil! Are you trying to kill him?"
  • Despite it saying "The nightshade was highly poisonous" upon eating, no poison is incurred.
The location of nightshade spawns are indicated by the yellow dots, enter the appropriate cave with a skavid map and a light source to find the spawns
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