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DC Comics

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

A prefix title awarded to crusaders who complete their agility AA line.

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Halo 3

Cavalier is a Halo 3 Meta-game achievement. It is earned when the player earns 15,000 points while playing the Meta-game on Tsavo Highway. This achievement is worth ten Gamerpoints to the player. A cavalier is a mounted soldier, and most of the level takes place in vehicles, which the player "mounts".

A blue circle with a winged sword, also known as the Valkyrie emblem, represents this achievement.



Note: See Guerilla for standard techniques.

Turn on the Thunderstorm, Famine and Fog Skull. These are probably the three easiest Skulls. Warning: whatever you do, do not turn on the Catch Skull because on Tsavo Highway, there are many Grunts along the road and they will be randomly throwing Grenades at your vehicle. With Thunderstorm on, the effect will be worse as the newly-promoted Grunt Ultras will pull a lemming and kamikaze run at you. It is important that you have a Brute Chopper with you as well, as it is probably the sturdiest solo vehicle. The other choice would be the Warthog, but after a while the Marines die and you won't have a person to man the Turret. Also, turning on Tough Luck would cause even Grunts to dodge your vehicle when you attempt a splatter. This should most likely be played on Heroic or Normal, depending on your skill.

Another way is to get in the Transport Warthog. Arm Marines with heavy weapons, such as the Fuel Rod Gun. Every chance you get a Fuel Rod Gun, give it to a Marine, they'll have unlimited ammo, and it's possible to get all of the Marines armed with Fuel Rods. The rest will run smoothly.


  • Cavaliers were Royalist horse riders during the English Civil War. More recently, the term means a "devil-may-care" attitude. The award is called "Cavalier" because most of it is vehicular combat.



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Marvel Database

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The Cavalier

Cavalier (Earth-616)
Real Name
Cavalier Infantry Support System
Current Alias
The Cavalier


United States federal government

Dr. Jack Cooper (main developer)


Base Of Operations
A secret lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Unusual Features
Robotic construction

Infantry support system

Basic programming

Secret project of robotics

Place of Birth
A secret lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico

First appearance



The Cavalier Infantry Support System was a secret project of robotics developed by Dr. Jack Cooper. It was intended to be used as infantry support in combat conditions, but as a safer (and cheaper) alternative to a tank, with an equivalent firepower. It was also to be used as support to police forces, as a low-risk weapon against super-powered threats: A security program forbid it to damage innocent bystanders or destroy property without need.

The Cavalier was built in a secret federal government lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The lab was managed by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury and included another project, one about "chronal locomation" led by former Nazi scientist Klaus Kruptmann. The lab itself was top secret.

When the Cavalier prototype had been built, Fury contacted with some super-heroes to perform a test. While the heroes battled the robot, Fury intended to write some notes. However, the test was interrupted when six lab-coated men revealed to be Nazi elite Blautot Commandos. The Commandos had sneaked in the base to steal the Cavalier and take it to 1943 to be used by Nazi Germany. The super-heroes discovered that the Cavalier was only programmed to attack them, not the intruders, and suddenly found themselves fighting both the Nazis and the robot.

Although the Nazi threat was neutralized, apparently the Cavalier project was discontinued or else was used only in covert operations.

Powers and Abilities


Robotic construction: Cavalier has a hull protecting from some physical damage. It is immune to emotional, mind and illusion attacks.

Strength level

Superhuman strength


The prototype was incomplete: Certain attacks open a panel showing unprotected wires, which made the Cavalier very vulnerable to a bullseye attack there.



  • Armored hull protecting it against blunt attacks, energy, force, heat, cold and radiation, in different measures. The hull is electrified to avoid wrestling attacks
  • Sensors to identify targets


Power legs (adding stability)


Two linked blaster cannons in the upper hull. Aiming is improved by a tracking system against a target.


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The Cavaliers are members only headwear. There are no requirements for wearing cavaliers, and they have no combat bonuses. To obtain cavaliers, the player can either trade with another player or receive one as a Level 3 Treasure Trail reward.

Cavaliers can be stored in the Costume room of a player-owned house or in a bank as normal. The black cavalier can be attached to a highwayman mask by Patchy on Mos Le'Harmless to make a Cavalier and mask, for a small fee of 500 coins.


Cavalier GE Price
Tan cavalier 38,100 coins update
Dark cavalier 61,800 coins update
Black cavalier 802,800 coins update
A player wearing a Dark Cavalier.


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