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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template

[[Image:|200px|center|Kevin Crow Clone (New Earth)]]
Real Name
Current Alias

Kevin Crow




Kevin Crow (cloned host)


Base Of Operations


7' 0"


Unusual Features
Resembles more a robot with a gun arm

Cadmus Agent


Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance



Cauldron's history is tied to a man name Kevin Crow, who was a member of the special forces for Cadmus. He was one of the elite flying units sent to provide backup for Superman in his battle against Doomsday. Crow was badly injured during the battle, losing his right eye and the use of his legs. Crow volunteered for an experiment at Cadmus, where a cybernetically enhanced clone of Crow was created. The clone, called Cauldron, was controlled by Crow from a mobile command center. The project, hoping to shore up public support, sent Crow to control Caulron in busting up several gangs and gunrunners. Unfortunately, Dabney Donovon, out of fun more than anything, managed to take control of Cauldron and cause him to run a muck, forching a confrontation with Superman. Dabney relinquished control, which allowed Crow to control the clone long enough to help Superman save some lives from a collapsing building, but Cauldron was apparently destroyed in the incident.[1]

Later on, the technology was sold by someone at Cadmus to a terrorist named Nikolai Karpov, who rebuilt and recloned Cauldron, significantly augmenting its abilities. It now absorbed heat, and was much more powerful than the first time around. Crow and Cadmus attempted to override the signal Karpov was sending it. While they were unsuccessful, they did learn that the human part of the Cauldron was resisting the commands. Superman would not destroy it because of this, so instead burried the machine in the very core of the planet. There it was unable to escape, but even the intense heat of the core was not enough to destroy it.[2]

Powers and Abilities



  • Energy Absorption: Cauldron is able to withstand and absorb incredible amounts of heat and energy and augment its power.

    Strength level

Many times the strength of a normal human



A "gun arm" loaded with multiple hard point ammunition


  • Cauldron's first appearance, in Action Comics #695 featured two editions of the cover: a regular newsstand issue, and a special edition foil embossed cover.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Aggie the witch using a cauldron.

Cauldrons are commonly seen in RuneScape, they are normally associated with witches and are in many houses throughout the game. Notable cauldrons are in Witch's Potion where the player must use a cauldron to make a magic spell, in Druidic Ritual the player uses the Cauldron of Thunder to make a potion to train his/her herblore, and in My Arm's big adventure the player witnesses an Adventurer being boiled alive in one by hungry trolls.

There are several variations of cauldrons around Runescape. The most commonly seen is a small cauldron which contains a green liquid. The player upon examining it states that they'd rahter not know whats cooking in it. Other variations of this cauldron are seen in various houses belonging to witches, they range in colours from blue to purple and normally always have the player stating that they'd rather not know the contents of the cauldron.

The Cauldrons used by the Trolls to prepare their food are far bigger than the normal cauldrons located in Runescape. The Troll's cauldrons are roughly four times as wide and twice as high as a standard cauldron, they contain a greyish brown broth. One is located on Death Plateau and is called a Cooking Pot. If the player examines it he hopes it wasn't anyone he knew who was boiled in it. The Troll Stronghold kitchen contains a cauldron that the player simplifies as being a troll stew. However he doesn't want to get too close to see what's cooking in it. This is because Trolls enjoy boiling humans in their cooking pots.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Production information

Imperial-class Star Destroyer

Present for battles/events

Battle of Chabosh


Galactic Empire



The Cauldron was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. During the blockade of Chabosh, it was commanded by Captain Harsh.


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The Cauldron is a dark place (dimension?) inside Unicron himself. It is there that he transported Transformers from across time and space to fight for his benefit during the Universe conflict.


Universe comics


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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010
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From City of Heroes Wiki


The Cauldron appeared on missions from Scratch during the Valentine's Day Event 2006 and Valentine's Day Event 2007.


An ancient cauldron that Arachnos stole from the Circle of Thorns. Inside, a bubbling mass of the tainted water from the Well of the Furies.


Only Heroes can target and destroy the Cauldron.

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