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Catoblepas (カトブレパス Katoburepasu), also known as Shoat, is a summon that appears in two games in the series. Its attack, Demon Eye, attempts to Petrify all opponents.



Final Fantasy V

FFV Shoat
For the enemy page, see Catoblepas (Final Fantasy V)

Catoblepas is obtained on a secret Chocobo island in World 2. He is fought on the World Map as a boss, and then joins as a Level 3 Summon.


Final Fantasy VI

Shoat is summoned into battle

Catoblepas, which was called Shoat in the SNES version, is an Esper that is obtained automatically in the Magitek Research Facility. Its attack, Demon Eye, has a Hit Rate of 96 and fails on opponents immune to Instant Death. It costs 45 MP to summon, and it teaches the following spells:

At Level Up, he gives a +10% boost to HP.


Shoat is a recently weaned piglet. A Catoblepas (from Greek katablepein, "to look downwards") is a mythical creature that can paralyze with a glance. It is said that his head is so heavy that he cannot lift it from the ground.

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