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Catoblepas (カトブレパス Katoburepasu) is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It is generally shown as a mammal resembling a buffalo or a variety of Behemoth, though the Finest Fantasy for Advance series renders them as Basilisk recolors.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy)

Catoblepas can be found on the Dawn of Souls dungeons on the original Final Fantasy. It can petrify foes with his Gaze attack. There are three other enemies related to Catoblepas:

Final Fantasy II

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy II)

Catoblepas can be found at the Unknown Palace on the Soul of Rebirth dungeons of the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of Final Fantasy II. There are three other enemies related to Catoblepas:

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy III)

An enemy found on the World Map and inside the Dragon Tower in southeastern Saronia.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy IV)

An enemy from Final Fantasy IV Advance. Others like it:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Catoblepas (The After Years)

Catoblepas are powerful enemies that can inflict Petrify on a party member, and are also one of the few enemies to drop the very rare Aegis Shield and Stoneblade. They are only fought in the Depths.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy V)

The Catoblepas is also known as Shoat. It is a hidden enemy found around the areas of Moore and has the ability Evil Eye, an attack that will Petrify a character.

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy VIII)

The Catoblepas is one of the eight minions fought in Ultimecia Castle and can cast Thunder. It has very high Defense and gives a powerful blow to the party with its Deadly Horn attack.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy IX)

Catoblepas can be found in the Forgotten Continent in the Seaways Canyon and fought on Treno's Knight House. You will win 15,000 gil if it is fought in Treno, though.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy X)

Catoblepas is a fiend that can be unlocked in the Monster Arena in Final Fantasy X. It is nearly identical in looks to the Behemoth but is much stronger.

Final Fantasy XI

Catoblepas is a species of Dhalmel native to Bibiki Bay, valued for its hide.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Catoblepas (Final Fantasy XII)

Catoblepas is a Mark petitioned in Jahara. It is found in the Zertinan Caverns and is stronger than most of the other monsters that are in the Behemoth class.

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