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Cato Parasitti
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1.79 meters[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[3]


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"You may have Madame Jocasta's shape, but not her skills."
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Cato Parasitti was a female shape-shifting Clawdite bounty hunter that lived during the Clone Wars.



Parasitti meets with Todo 360

Cato Parasitti was a female Clawdite bounty hunter and assassin from the planet Zolan. As with all members of her species, she was a changeling able to alter her appearance to imitate virtually any species or individual, a talent she used to her advantage in her chosen profession and Parasitti became one of the most lethal assassins in the galaxy. Her services were sold for a very large fee to the highest bidder and she often worked with the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane.[1]

Bane hired Parasitti to assist him in stealing a holocron from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Bane was in turn hired by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. Parasitti initially took on the form of Jedi Master Ord Enisence, whom Bane had killed in preparation for the mission. Under Enisence's guise, she was able to sneak into the Temple and library, narrowly evading the overeager Ahsoka Tano and making her way to an information desk. From her station, she was able to guide Bane and his droid Todo 360 into the holocron chambers. Unbeknown to Parasitti, Jocasta Nu had grown suspicious after watching the bounty hunter. When Nu approached to ask "Enisence" a few questions, Parasitti quickly knocked her out and took over her form. Although Bane's portion of the mission was a success, Tano was quickly alerted to Temple intruders by Master Yoda, and discovered that who she thought was Nu was, in truth, Parasitti. After engaging in a brief lightsaber duel, Tano defeated Parasitti and subdued her, handing her over to the authorities. After her capture, she told the Jedi of Bane's next target, likely for revenge for Bane's betraying her.[1][3]

Parasitti impersonating Jocasta Nu

Talents and abilities

Cato Parasitti was a skilled bounty hunter and assassin which afforded her the privilege of charging extremely high rates for her services to the highest bidder. Her skill at shape-shifting was highly advanced and she combined that with hologramic technology to make her disguises virtually flawless. She often wore a face mask which covered her face but did not encompass her entire head. She also made use of a blaster rifle. She was also able to hold off Ahsoka Tano in a short lightsaber duel, though only briefly before being overpowered by the Padawan[1]

Behind the scenes

Cato's character appears in "Holocron Heist," the premiere episode of Season Two of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.[3] She is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.[1]

The word parassita means parasite in Italian.[4]

Parasitti's mask


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