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Appearance / Type: Humanoid cat
Also known as: Cat
Affiliated with: Sisters of Plenitude, New Humans
Place of origin: New Savannah
Mentioned in:
Notable Individuals: Hame
Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Sister Jatt
Garrard Townsend
This article concerns the humanoid species. For the Earth species, see cat.

The Catkind were a race of humanoid felines that originated on the planet New Savannah but soon spread across the New Earth Empire. (IDW: Agent Provocateur)




Physical appearance

Catkind had some similarity to the non-humanoid cats of Earth, though closer to the size of a Human. They had fur of a variety of lengths and colours, including brown, black and tabby stripes, (DW: Gridlock) They had retractable claws which they could use for defence. (DW: New Earth) Though physically similar, they were different in internal anatomy. (IDW: Agent Provocateur)

Thomas Brannigan, one of the Catkind. (DW: Gridlock)

Life cycle

Catkind reproduced in their teenage years, and often had litters of several kittens. They could also reproduce with Humans, with the kittens looking just like the kittens of conventional Earth house cats, though capable of speech. It is shown that when the mother is Catkind, the children will be human, but if the father is Catkind, the children will be kittens

Catkind could apparently live for at least 30 years, as Novice Hame, a member of the Sisters of Plenitude, was young in the year 5,000,000,023 at the time of the order's dissolution, and lived beyond the Face of Boe's death in 5,000,000,053. (DW: New Earth, Gridlock)


Circa 4,999,999,740, the Catkind lived on the planet New Savannah. They were a primitive people at the time and their resources were running low. The New Earth Empire came to the planet and assimilated the Catkind. The agreement was for autonomy until the year 5,000,000,000, during which time the control would be given to the New Earth Empire. Within 50 years, the Catkind had reached the same level of technology as the Humans. Many Catkinds didn't trust the Humans and in order to avert the wars left the cities. The cities were then set up with empathic force fields, stopping the Catkinds from returning. Myths started to spring up about these Catkind, specifically about them being angry spirits.

In the intervening centuries, a cult sprung up to try to remove the Human influence. With the help of Bubastion, they were able to destroy the headquarters of Vedela Defense Systems, which controlled the force fields around the city. At the stroke of midnight at the beginning of 5,000,000,000, the forcefields were shut down and gigantic robots, disguised as undead Catkind, were allowed entrance to the city. Unfortunately, Bubastion had reprogrammed them to attack everyone, intending to use New Savannah for his own purposes. When Gerard Townsend, a member of the cult, learned they were being used, he was able to turn the force fields back on and deactivate the robots. (IDW: Agent Provocateur)

The Sisters of Plenitude ran a hospital near New New York on New Earth. They had cures for nearly every known ailment and were able to heal their patients with a remarkable success rate. Unfortunately, these amazing skills were gained by using thousands and thousands of grown Human clones known as "The Flesh". They were infected with every known disease and culled in the rare cases of them starting to show signs of thought. These disease carriers were released by Lady Cassandra and eventually cured by the Doctor, producing the New Humans. The Sisters were later arrested by the NNYPD for their actions. (DW: New Earth)

After the loss of the New Earth Senate to a deadly mood virus, several Cats were trapped in the Motorway, including Thomas Brannigan. (DW: Gridlock)

Presumably, all of the Cats in the upper levels of New New York were wiped out by this virus.

Behind the Scenes

Though the name "Catkind", has not, to date appeared onscreen, the production team of Doctor Who has apparently made this the official name of the species.

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