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Catherna Jogan-Gane
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14 BBY


56 ABY

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1.5 meters tall

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Gan Clan

Catherna Jogan-Gane was Janen'gan and Ronin'gan's daughter and the twin sister of Evon Gane. After the ship she was born on, the Starferry, was attacked by pirates, she was ejected in an escape pod to be picked up and adopted by a wealthy Corellian family, the Jogan family. She was forced to dance for her stepfather or risk being thrown out. She later grew up to be both an actress and a singer, winning several awards at the Annual Corellian Entertainment Awards Ceremony. When Evon and his wife went to fight the Yuuzhan Vong, she agreed to watch their son Toven.




Early life (14 BBY - 4 ABY)

Catherna's parents were travelling on the Starferry from Ryloth to Coruscant, but the ship was attacked by a group of Duros pirates. The infamous pirates were already being chased by the Empire, and were known for disabling escape pods at soon as they boarded their prey and for killing everyone onboard. To throw the Empire off their tail, they ejected two pods, filled with bodies just alive enough to be detected by Imperial scanners. One of the pods carried the infant Evon Gane, and the other held his sister Catherna. While Evon was picked up by a freighter and sold into slavery on nearby Tatooine, Catherna was found by a diplomatic ship belonging to a wealthy Corellian family, who adopted her. An identification card placed with Catherna by a medical droid told them her name, and they changed it to Catherna Jogan-Gane.

She was raised in a wealthy household, but she was unpopular and friendless throughout school. When she became a teenager, her stepfather forced her to dance for him or get kicked out. But luckily this only lasted for a few years, since her stepparents divorced in 2 BBY. Her adoptive dad left Corellia to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and she was left with her mom.

Adult life (4 ABY - 23 ABY)

When she turned 18, Catherna began her professional singing career, after much encouragement from her adopted family. She and her band started off getting little attention, but their fourth album was a breakthrough success, getting frequent play throughout the Galaxy. A mixture of pop and rock, it won the band their first award at the Annual Corellian Entertainment Awards Ceremony. They quickly came out with a fifth album, which enjoyed similar success. Drunk with fame, she then left the band to go on her own solo career.

Her solo band rose to even more success than her first, and she became the best known pop singer on Corellia. She became more and more famous until she made the move to professional acting, where she also prospered. After 9 albums and 3 movies, she retired from show business in 16 ABY and worked part-time in real-estate. She was not incredibly successful, but helped build many of Corellia's biggest landmarks. She had several brief relationships through the years, but none of them lasted more than a month.

Family reunion and final years (23 ABY - 56 ABY)

She continued to live without any related family, until she was diagnosed as clinically depressed. But when she met Ralka Naegontuh, the Human recognized the name 'Gane' and wondered if she was Evon's sister, since she had been romantically involved with him earlier. Evon, who had heard about Catherna and had the same suspicions, came to Corellia in 23 ABY and found that they were indeed brother and sister. The newfound family brought Catherna out of her depression, and she reintroduced Evon to Ralka. The two, who had thought each other to be dead, soon got married, and Catherna gave her last performance at their wedding.

Evon and Ralka had a son, Toven Gane, but they soon left to fight in the Yuuzhan Vong War and she agreed to watch Toven while they were gone. In 29 ABY the war was over and they returned, and she bought them a house down the street from where she lived. In 36 ABY they were called by the True Jedi Alliance to Ossus, where they both died. Catherna got permanent custody of Toven, and also Evon's droid, who helped in teaching the young child. In 42 ABY Toven and TC-54 left, and Catherna lived alone until she died of old age in 56 ABY.

Personality and traits

Catherna was outgoing, kind, and gentle, and almost never got angry. But this is because she bottled her emotions until it, and her sadness at not having any related family (that she knew of), caused her to become clinically depressed. She got over it when she met her brother, and lived the rest of her life without any more emotional troubles.

She was short, skinny, and had bright green eyes. She also had orange skin, like most Twi'leks from the Gan Clan. She was usually clothed in skin-tight dresses and covered in jewelry.

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