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Series: Deep Space Nine
Miniseries: Mission Gamma, No. 3
Author(s): Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
Publication information
Published: Paperback - October 2002
Pages: 404
ISBN: ISBN 0743445643



From Back Cover:


As a small child, Jules Bashir underwent illegal genetic enhancements that forever altered the natural course of his life. As an adult, ever since the day he discovered what his parents had done, Dr. Julian Bashir has wondered what he might have become if "Jules" had been allowed to live, certain he would never know the answer. But when the lure of a strange alien artifact in the Gamma Quadrant inexplicably begins to reverse Bashir's enhancements, the person he had thought long dead is given a second chance at life.

Ninety thousand light-years away, as the crew of Deep Space 9 ™ tries to comprehend a shocking tragedy, Ro Laren makes a fateful decision about her life aboard the station. And although political maneuverings and failing diplomacy have already extinguished all hope of a real, lasting peace between Bajor and Cardassia, one man's search for his true calling may lay a new foundation for the future.








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ElaysianEuropaniPah-wraithProphetsRigelianSkrreeaTellarite • Vahni Vahltupali • Vorta

Starships and small craft

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USS DestinyUSS EnterpriseUSS GryphonKamal | USS Wellington

Starship classes

Defiant-class • D'Naali starship • Galor-class • Nyazen starship

States and Organizations

Bajoran MilitiaCardassian GuardCardassian UnionOhalavaruOralian WayStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVedek Assembly
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Previous novel:
Mission Gamma
This Gray Spirit
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Mission Gamma
Lesser Evil
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
Gods Above
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A Good Day to Die
Chapters 5-13

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From The Vault

For the Point Lookout location, see Ark & Dove Cathedral.

map marker: Cathedral
sections: Entrance
leaders: Master
doctors: Dr. Wu
merchants: CoC Merchant
factions: Children of the Cathedral
Followers of the Apocalypse - spy
quests: Destroy the Mutant leader
This is the Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral. I don't know why they say Cathedral twice.

—A teenager.

To the outside world, the Cathedral is nothing more than an innocent (albeit intimidating) set up for the Children of the Cathedral organization, which tries to bring love and peace to the wastes. Below it, however, lies a secret underground Vault (more specifically, the Los Angeles Vault), which serves as a home and base for the Master.

The Cathedral was built some time after 2155, following the Master's discovery of the Boneyard Vault. He conquered the inhabitants and set up operations there, and the human cultists began to use the Vault as their powerbase. Eventually, this monumental building known as the Cathedral was constructed above the Vault. The Cultists thus became known as the Children of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral was destroyed in 2162 either by a man known as the Vault Dweller or by the Master himself, when he learned that his super mutants were sterile.


Most of the Cathedral ground was taken up by the massive main chapel, whose vaulted ceiling was lost in the darkness above. Small chambers flanking the entrance to it were usually taken up by chanters or other devotees, while doors from the chapel itself led into the Cathedral's infirmary (headed by the notorious Dr. Wu), the shop, offering various souvenirs for the discerning pilgrim, the buildings main power generator, High Elder Lasher's chambers, the base of the tower as well as access to the basement, where all the less useful stuff was stored...and the entrance to the Los Angeles Vault located.

From time to time, Father Morpheus would come down from his chambers to give a speech to the gathered faithful. Sometimes, even a giant holographic image of the Master appeared, to the awe of the assembled.

The adjoining tower had three floors, where the Nightkin resided, as well as the more important members of the Children of the Cathedral, like high priests. Dane resided in a room on the first floor of the tower, while Morpheus, the leader of the Children, resided on the third, upper floor.


Locations in Fallout
Vault-Tec Vaults

This article uses material from the "Cathedral" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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