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Catablepon are monsters that look like green bulls and are found on the third level of the Stronghold of Security. They are aggressive to all players, regardless of combat level. They use the magic spell, Weaken (which looks like a spraying white sparkle), to drain strength by up to 15% of their opponent's maximum level, so it would be advisable to bring a Dragon battleaxe to boost up your strength whenever the Catablepon uses this spell on you; training on these is not advised, as Weaken can be quite significant, unless you have a strength potion or a Dragon battleaxe. It should be noted that they can melee-attack and cast Weaken at the same time and that they can only cast it when next to you. It is also possible that they can damage and miss with Weaken, or miss while the spell works.

They also seem to have an unusually high drop rate for clue scrolls. In the north-western most room of the third level, there is an excellent safe spot for using Magic, Ranged, or using a halberd on catablepon, to the immediate west of the square patch of tendrils by the skeletons, in the centre east room there is also a safe spot. Catablepons are unique among F2P monsters in that it has a 2-space melee attack, but only hits diagonally.

Catablepon cease aggressiveness after a while. They will become aggressive again however, if you walk a little ways away and come back.



100% drop: Bones




Seeds (Members only)

Herbs (Members only)

Charms(Members only)

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Charm drop percentages
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10 - 14%

0 - 1%

1 - 3%

0 - 1%

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1 charm is dropped at once.

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Other drops


  • Players who tried to say "catablepon" in-game once found that the last three letters were blocked by the chat filter; this was later fixed.
  • This monster was one of several to be created in-game after having been suggested by a player in the Suggest-A-Monster sticky in the Suggestions section of the RuneScape Forums.
  • Catablepon are based on a mythical Ethiopian creature called a Catoblepas.
  • At one point, the weaken spell that they cast seemed to only reduce a maximum of 9 in the strength stat. Tests have shown that it does in fact decrease the stat by 10.
  • If you get Catablepons as your slayer task from Mazchna the slayer master in Canifis and you ask for a tip you will be told that "Catablepon are cow-like, magical creatures that mainly live in the Stronghold of Security. Beware their weakening glare; cutting off their head should help". It's not known by the writer of this text how you do that or what the other slayer masters will tell you.

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