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A Cat training medal is an item that members can obtain by having their cat or kitten catch 100 rats (hell-rats are included), and then talking to Gertrude in Varrock. This item has no effect when worn, and is only for show.

Earning a cat training medal is one of the medium tasks of the Varrock Achievement Diary. If a player already has a cat training medal in their bank or in their inventory, they will not tell Gertrude that their cat has caught 100 rats, and so will not receive another. However, if players drop the medal and talk to her again, they will receive a medal; if players repeat dropping the medal and speaking to Gertrude, they can receive multiple medals from the one cat that has caught 100 rats.

The cat must catch the rats before it turns into an overgrown cat, which cannot hunt vermin. Players who only have these must buy another kitten from Gertrude, or those who have done the Rat Catchers quest can train their cat into a Wily one. Note that training wily cat resets mouse kill counter to zero.

A house in West Ardougne.

The best place to train a cat to get the medal is in West Ardougne. On the west side of the city, players can enter the small house east of the anvil, where there should be a rat inside. Cats can catch it. If the rat respawns inside the house, the best strategy is to close the door, thus trapping the rat inside. The rat respawns very quickly and is confined to a small place, so there is a higher chance of successful catches.

After starting the Evil Dave part of Recipe for Disaster, players may train their cats to hunt hellrats. This way the cat can become a hellcat. Also, the coloured spices gained can be helpful for making spicy stews to boost skills, which on rare occasions can boost a skill by 6. If players train this way, they are advised keep all the spices, combine them into 4 doses to save bank space, and bank the spices in Edgeville when their inventory is full.


  • Prior to the advent of the Grand Exchange, these medals were tradeable.
  • A Jagex Moderator has once made a sticky in the "Discontinued Items" section of the official forums and claimed that this item was no longer obtainable and it was then discontinued. Merchants were paying up to 1,000,000 coins for the medal, but a few hours after it was posted, a different Jagex Moderator edited the post and said that it was a mistake.
  • Tiadeche and Jiminua, resident of Tai Bwo Wannai, wear a cat training medal.
  • Even though the picture of the amulet is coloured grey, when worn, the tail is blue.
  • When killing rats to get a medal, your character will congratulate your cat after 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 kills, meaning you won't need to keep track of your kills.
  • The amulet itself resembles a Cooked Sardine.

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