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Cat's Claws in Final Fantasy IX.

The Cat Claws (猫の爪 Neko no Tsume), also known as Cat Claw and Cat's Claws, are a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It is a weapon for Ninjas and Monks, and is usually a Knuckle or claw, though it has also been a dagger. It has been a powerful and a weak weapon depending on the game, but is generally a highly accurate weapon despite its power.




Final Fantasy

The Cat Claws can be used by the Black Wizard, Red Wizard, Ninja, and Knight classes. It is bought in Gaia, and has mediocre power but high Accuracy.

Final Fantasy II

The Cat Claws in Final Fantasy II.

The Cat Claws is the strongest knife in the game, with the highest Accuracy as well.

Final Fantasy III

The Cat Claws is a low-powered claw for Onion Knights, Ninjas, and Monks. It is found in the Amur sewers and increases Agility by three.

Final Fantasy IV

Yang wielding the Cat Claws in the DS remake.

The Cat Claws is a claw for Yang and Edge, found in the Tower of Babil. It provides no attack power like all of the other claws, but provides 49 Accuracy, the highest accuracy of all claws, as well as the ability to inflict Sleep and granting +3 Strength and Agility. One is found in the Tower of Babil, while additional others must be won from Cait Sith, Coeurl, and Coeurl Regina enemies. In the non-DS versions, one more can be found in the Sylph Cave.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Cat Claws is a high ranked Claw weapon for Yang, Edge, and Ursula. It provides no Attack boost as with all other claws, but provides 40% Accuracy, +5 Strength and +5 Speed, as well as the ability to put enemies to Sleep when attacking with it. It can either be found in Yang's Challenge Dungeon or won from Cait Sith or Coeurl.

Final Fantasy IX

The Cat's Claws is a knuckle for Amarant, and is his initial equip and weakest weapon. It teaches the Chakra and Counter abilities.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Cat Claw is a knuckle that teaches White Monks the Chakra ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Cat Claws is a knuckle that, again, teaches White Monks the Chakra ability, as well as teaching Berserkers the Smite of Rage ability.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The Cat Claw is Benjamin's first claw, given by Phoebe in the Wintry Cave. It inflicts Poison and Paralyze.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Cat Claws are a level 50 claw that add 45 to Attack, 60 to Bravery, and Chase Sequence Brave damage by 30%.

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