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Refia wearing the Cat-Ear Hood.

The Cat-Ear Hood, also known as the Cat-Hood, is a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy series. It is most well-known as a trademark hood that some White Mages wear, and is otherwise a powerful hat for younger characters of the playable party. At other times however, it has simply been part of a character sprite and not an actual piece of armor.




Final Fantasy III

The Devout class' sprite in the original release wears the hood. The party members in the DS release also wear it - Luneth and Ingus wear their hoods down, while Refia and Arc wear their hoods up.

Final Fantasy IV

The Cat-Hood is exclusive to the Advance release, and is Porom's strongest helmet. It resists Ice-elemental damage and grants +7 Defense, +16 Magic Defense, +8 Evasion, +18 Magic Evasion, and +5 Speed. It can only be found in the Cave of Trials.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Cat-Ear Hood returns as a helmet that provides +7 Defense, +18 Magic Defense, +7% Evasion, +16% Magic Evasion, resistance to Ice-elemental attacks, and +5 Speed. It is found in the Depths.

Final Fantasy V

Not an actual piece of armor, Krile wears the hood while she is the White Mage class.

Final Fantasy VI

In its first appearance as an equippable item, the Cat-Ear Hood is a helmet exclusive to Relm. It resists Ice, Fire, Thunder, Holy, Earth, and Wind damage, increases Speed by 2, Magic by 4, Defense and Magic Defense by 33, Evasion by 10%, and doubles the amount of gil the party earns from enemies. In the Advance release, it is known as the Cat-Hood.

Final Fantasy XII

In this title, the Cat-ear Hood is an Accessory, not a helmet, located on the Accessories 20 License in the upper-right corner of the License Board. It increases Vitality by 20 and Speed by 50.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Though called the White Hat, the image of the equipment matches up with the iconic hood. It grants +4 Weapon Defense and +14 Magic Resistance.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The White Hat returns, unchanged from Tactics Advance. The Cat-Ear Hood is also part of the Seer's attire.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Three distinct Cat-Hoods appear - the Pastel Cat Hood, Black Cat Hood, and Grey Cat Hood. Each subsequent version of the Hood gives larger defense and stat boosts than the one prior, with the Grey Cat Hood providing 51 defense, +3 to Attack, and +5 to Magic. Fur Coats with the same color schemes are also in the game, and their Scrolls are also associated with "kitties".

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

The Cat Ears appear as a low-ranked headgear, while the Black Cat Hood and Gray Cat Hood appear as higher-ranked headgears, respectively.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Cat-ear Hood is a level 71 Hairpin. It lowers HP by 237 but raises Bravery by 281.

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