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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

For the humanoid species, go to Catkind

A cat, or feline, is a type of predatory mammal. They possessed a killing instinct and claws; they were born in litters and are known for hunting mice. Cats, and cat-like creatures, can be found on a variety of planets. (NA: Human Nature)


Earth Cats

There were many species of cats found on Earth, including house cats, tigers and the sabre-toothed tigers. The cats of Earth went extinct sometime before the year 2157 (NA: Lucifer Rising), with tigers dying out before 2148 (NA: St Anthony's Fire). The Doctor once claimed that the cats on Earth weren't native to the planet, but were in fact aliens, and that rather than the rather prosaic names Humans tend to give them, their actual names were much grander like "Great Hunter Grimalkin Greycoat Lionheart". Donna believed he was having her on, however. (IDW: Autopia)

Gallifreyan Cats

Cats could also be found on Gallifrey. (NA: Human Nature) One of the Presidents of Gallifrey had a pet cat. The cat was eaten by a mouse that had been enlarged by the Rani during an experiment. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)

Cheetah World's Cats

The kitlings and the Cheetah people were two species of cat-like creatures found on the Cheetah World. (DW: Survival)

Sapient cats

Several species of sapient species were cat-like in appearance.

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

A Cat (Felis sylvestris catus or Felis domesticus) is a small animal native to Earth. A mammal, cats were domesticated by humans several thousand years ago, and since that time have been kept as pets by humans.

Sometimes called "housecats", that term fell out of use by the 23rd century, to avoid confusion with the Meridian housecat, a large animal that hosted smaller symbiotic organisms. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

See also: felinoid

Notable Cats


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From Muppet Wiki

Grover's pet cat as seen on "I Am So Proud Day" at

Cats are carnivorous mammals of the family Felidae, or feline. The term generally refers to domestic cats, who are usually small in size, although the family includes a range of larger, more ferocious "cats," such as lions, tigers, panthers, and cheetahs. Both wild and domestic cats have frequently been depicted in Muppet productions.


Domestic Cats




  • DJ 3
  • Swifty the Cheetah

Animated Cats

Illustrated Cats

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From The Vault

Cats were a species of small predatory carnivorous animals that were valued by humans before the Great War for their companionship and ability to hunt vermin, snakes, scorpions, and other unwanted household pests.

After the Great War, many cats in what used to be the United States were hunted for food because they were an easy prey[1] until no domestic specimens were left.

Some cats were possibly thrown into the FEV vats by the Master in Mariposa and the Vault-Tec scientists in Vault 87, together with humans, dogs and other animals. The misshapen centaurs are the result of this mix.


Known cats

  • Stacy, a resident of the Den in 2241, used to have a cat called Cuddles as a child that was killed for food by her mother[1].
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Rumor is that the last known living cat in America, Mr. Pussy, died in Carbon, Texas. Ruby the prositute wanted to find him when he got lost, and asked the Initiate to help. He/she discovered the cat's corpse in the Carbon Crater and brought it back to Ruby.
End of information based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


According to Fallout Warfare's Main PDF file, the entry for dogs states that "10,000+ years of domestication couldn't be changed by one little Nuclear war. It's the cats that are really pissed off".

Related quests


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Guild Wars

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From GuildWiki

This cat can be found in Xaquang Skyway near the monk boss Ziinfaun Lifeforce. It moves like a real cat, rolling and waving its tail.

There have been multiple cat sightings around corners in Nahpui Quarter.

In Kaineng Center, there is a cat behind a fence near the Artisan.

In Shenzun Tunnels, there is a cat about 3/4 of the way between the first two resurrection shrines (coming from Xaquang Skyway) near the northwestern part of the wall.

In Bukdek Byway, there is cat next to the resurrection shrine, near the Undercity

In Zaishen Menagerie Grounds near the training pen on a crate

Facts about CatRDF feed

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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A cat on the bridge of the Phoenix-class Colony Ship Spirit of Fire.

The cat is a domesticated animal kept by humans as a pet. Known cats include Jonesy, pet of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn crew member, and a cat named Spock [1] onboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, and a cat rescued off a church roof by Janissary James.[2] Another cat can also be seen in the concept art for Halo Wars, sitting on the bridge of the Spirit of Fire. Also, in Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST a cat with a bow called a tom cat can be used as your emblem.


  1. CREW REPORTS - Personal Log, Nurse Hershey
  2. idaho.ogg

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From Lostpedia

Two cats are depicted in the course of the storyline of "Enter 77".


Amira's cat ("Enter 77")
  • Amira has a long-haired gray cat. Amira says she originally found it shortly after her torture at the hands of Sayid, when she was afraid to leave the apartment. She saw a bunch of boys abusing the animal by capturing it and forcing it in a box with exploding fireworks. She rescued and adopted it, saying that this was the first time she had a reason to leave the house since her ordeal. She says that the cat is usually nice, but occasionally scratches and bites her because of its earlier traumatic abuse. She relates that she understands and forgives it, because she "knows what it's like not to feel safe."

On the Island

Nadia scratching at the trap door in floor ("Enter 77")

Mikhail's cat is named Nadia, which surprises Sayid, because not only does it look similar to Amira's cat, but also it shares the same name as his love, Nadia. Mikhail says that the cat was named after Nadia Comăneci, an Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast whom he believes to be the greatest athlete who ever lived. The cat scratching on the floor was the first tip-off Sayid had that there was a secret trapdoor under the rug that ran down to the basement in The Flame. The cat is something that he fixates on when he first comes upon The Flame, and also after the explosion of the station. The cat survived the explosion, and was seen sitting looking at Sayid at the end of the episode. As indicated by the writers, we will likely see that cat again sometime.


Mikhail's cat Nadia ("Enter 77")
  • Amira's cat is male while Nadia, presumably, is female.
  • In the March 26, 2007 podcast, executive producer Damon Lindelof insinuated that the magic box reference had something to do with the cat: "It would be kind of silly to walk to the middle of the island and there's a kind of a big large refrigerator box sitting there and Kate's horse comes trotting out and Sayid's little cat and Jack's dad ... that would be kind of the worst idea in the history of ideas."
  • However, in the March 21st, 2008 podcast, when asked whether some mysterious appearances were the Monster, humans, apparitions, animals, dead, etc., the producers stated that Mikhail's cat Nadia was an "animal and coincidence"

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Cat disambiguation page.

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Black Cat


Cat Related

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Different cats available, including (from right) Purple cat, clockwork cat and Hellcat.

Cats are a species of animal in RuneScape. They are intelligent and have their own sophisticated language that players can only interpret with a catspeak amulet.

Players can keep cats as pets. In fact, cats were the first proper (follower) pets that players could have. They were available well before Summoning was introduced; any player who had completed the quest Gertrude's Cat could own a pet cat.

The Sphinx is in charge of all the cats, and the desert pantheon also has a dog-headed friend of cats. There are both good and evil cats, who may possess magical ability.

Cats enjoy fish and walking. Some cats were once human, such as the minions of the Devourer. These minions betrayed their master, who then transformed them into cats as punishment.


Obtaining a pet cat

Gertrude offers a choice of six cats to players.

Upon completion of Gertrude's Cat, the player is given a kitten. The player can raise the kitten into a cat by feeding it raw fish, cooked fish (they will not eat doogle sardines), milk and regularly stroke it.

If the player has lost the kitten/cat (see below), a new kitten can be purchased from Gertrude for 100 gp.

Players who have completed Creature of Fenkenstrain and gotten to a certain stage in Garden of Tranquillity can wear the Ring of charos when asking Gertrude for a kitten. This will give them the option of selecting its colour.

Cats may also be turned into Hellcats after killing 7 Hellrats down in Evil Dave's basement. Players can get a Hellkitten by letting a kitten catch 7 Hellrats.

Cat training medal

Main article: Cat training medal

There are many level 1 rats found all over RuneScape. Players can right-click on the cat and click interact, then "Chase vermin". The cat will chase a nearby rat and hopefully catch it. Instead of a 15% chance of success with a kitten, a cat has a 50% chance of success.

After catching 100 rats, players can talk to Gertrude to receive a cat training medal. Many players believe that wearing the medal makes their cat or kitten grow more quickly, but this is not true.

To find out when their cat has caught 100 Rats, players need to have a catspeak amulet and ask how he/she is. If the cat says that he or she wants to go adventuring instead of chasing rats, that cat has caught 100 rats. Players also automatically inform the cat how many rats they have caught when it cat catches 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 rats, and the cat will roll over and say "meow".
A Player Catches 100 Rats
Players who do not have a catspeak amulet may wish to keep a written tally of the rats their cat catches or use a ticker for this purpose. All cats, including kittens, cats, overgrown cats, hellcats, wily cats, and lazy cats can obtain the cat training medal.

Catspeak amulet

Main article: Catspeak amulet

The catspeak amulet is a reward given to players upon completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper. It allows players to speak to their cat, other players' cats, and Bob the Jagex Cat. The amulet gets a compass-like upgrade in A Tail of Two Cats, which allows players to track Bob the Jagex Cat's whereabouts.

Overgrown cats

Main article: Overgrown cat
Overgrown Cat before the Cat Update
A lazy hellcat!

After 4 hours your cat will grow into an overgrown cat. These cats no longer need players' attention, but will no longer hunt rats. When players talk to them using the catspeak amulet, they appear to be irritable.

Players can buy another kitten from Gertrude whilst having an overgrown cat, but they can only have one cat out at a time. Overgrown cats of the same colour will stack in the bank.

Players can go to West Ardougne at the north-west corner and sell their cat to any civilian. The civilian needs a cat, but can only pay with death runes. Players can swap their overgrown cat for 100 death runes (200 with Ardougne Cloak 1 or higher), or they can keep it and have the pride of having a fully-grown cat.

Renaming cats

Felkrash, of the Port Sarim rat pit fame, who can train an overgrown cat into a wily cat, is also able to name and rename wily and lazy cats (up to six letters long). Players must have completed the Rat Catchers quest to name their cat.

Things to remember

Taking care of a cat

  • Kittens will run away if they reach 100% hunger.
  • The Summoning interface shows your cat's hunger and growth percentage.
  • The hunger level always rises each time a kitten meows, and so does the pet size percentage sometimes. This is a good time for players to check its hunger level.
  • Cats and kittens will not grow or become hungry whilst in the inventory or the bank. This makes it a good idea for players to pick up their pet if they are not carrying any food for it to eat.
  • Players will always lose their cat if they die while the cat or kitten is out.
  • Players can also lose their kitten if they do not stroke it enough; the cat should be stroked whenever the player says "I think it wants attention" or "I think it feels lonely." Note that these messages will not appear in combat, so it is possible to lose your kitten without warning if you are fighting for a long period against aggressive monsters that do not allow you a break.
  • If a player loses his/her kitten, Gertrude will still allow them to buy a new one.
  • If a player already owns a kitten or cat, he/she can not buy another from Gertrude until it has grown into an overgrown cat. Once a cat reaches that stage of maturity (including transformation into a wily cat or lazy cat), the owner can then buy another kitten for 100 coins and if wearing the Ring of charos (a) the player can also select the new kittens colour. Since an overgrown cat doesn't need be fed or attended to, she will let you buy a new kitten when your cat has become overgrown. You may also buy a new kitten if the rest of your cats are stored in a menagerie .
  • Cats stored in the pet house can be taken out, just as if they had been stored in the bank. (Only one kitten or one cat can be stored in the bank, inventory, or following you at the same time.) A kitten cannot be stored in a pet house.

Travelling with a cat

A cat playing with a Mouse toy
A player stroking his pet cat.
  • Cats can climb ladders, fly on gnome gliders, and teleport with their owners.
  • It does not matter if a cat becomes caught behind a fence, tree, etc.; the cat will catch up if it leaves the minimap.
  • Some modes of transportation require that players do not have a follower. The magic carpets, balloons and canoes in particular require that the cat be in the player's inventory.
  • If the cat disappears, and it has definitely not run away or been dismissed, it is a glitch, and will reappear if you log out and back in.

What players can do with their cat

  • Players can bring an adult cat to West Ardougne and trade it for 100 death runes to any NPC named Civilian. You will receive 200 death runes instead if you have any version of the Ardougne cloak (no need to have it equipped).
  • If players bring their kitten or cat to Bob the Jagex Cat while wearing their amulet, they will have a strange conversation.
  • Wily cats can chase the kalphite larvae found in and around the lair as well as butterflies found all over the world. (This does include the butterflies used for the hunter skill, but you gain no Hunter experience.)
  • Kittens and cats can drink buckets of milk and play with mouse toys and balls of wool.
  • Players who have completed Rat Catchers can take their cats to the Rat Pits in Ardougne, Varrock, Keldagrim, and Port Sarim, although certain types of cats must be taken to certain pits. Once there, they can bet on their cat as it attempts to catch rats faster than other players' cats.
  • Players who have freed Evil Dave in Recipe for Disaster can hunt hellrats for spices to add to the stew.

Purple cat

Main article: Purple cat

After doing the Purple cat miniquest you can talk to Wendy to turn your cat purple. You complete this miniquest by speaking to Wendy about them. She will mention that she made Trogs purple. When asked if she could turn other cats purple,she said that she could, except that she has run out of magic unguent. Going to Betty's Shop in Port Sarim and entering the basement you will see Lottie, Her assistant. She will tell you to solve a puzzle involving placing animals in their proper habitats. Once done, you may open the chest containing the unguent. Take this to Wendy and use it on her to complete the miniquest. She will now turn one of your cats purple. If that cat is lost, she will make another purple. Once turned purple, a cat cannot return to its original colour, so make sure you wish to change its colour before doing so. WARNING: it will turn hellcats into normal cats.


Hellcats can be obtained after a cat kills 7 hellrats in Dave's Basement. If you give a hellcat milk it will become normal again. Hellkittens grow much faster than their normal counterparts. This has been confirmed multiple times by Jagex.

Minigames that have banned pet cats

Notable cats in RuneScape

Evil Bob

Other cats in RuneScape

Cats in ScapeRune

Players may find a Balloon Animal version of a cat in the Prison Pete random event.

Players may find the following cats in the alternate dimension of ScapeRune:

Quests involving cats


The cat glitch.
  • There is a graphical glitch that causes a cat's body to stretch when placed in a Cat basket, which is a Kitchen hotspot in a player-owned house.
  • When you turn a wily cat purple and ask it how old it is, its face will be completely distorted.
  • If you try to cast High Level Alchemy on your cat, it says, "You can't do that to a defenceless cat!"
  • If you walk near a stray dog with a cat they will make aggressive moves at each other.
  • Cats were the second creature Guthix brought into Gielinor, the first being a sheep.

See also

Wikipedia has an article about:
Wikipedia has an article about:

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

The cat (Felis catus) is a small mammal from Earth. The cat was domesticated by Humans thousands of years ago and have since been kept as pets.

During the days of sail on Earth ships often carried a ship's cat, which was tasked with catching and killing any vermin that might have gotten aboard the vessel.

Alien visitation during Earth's distant past may have inspired the ancient Egyptians' worship of cats. The Caitians, Kzinti, Tzenkethi or Felisians might have been responsible, or a combination thereof. (Star Trek: Liberty)

Carol Murphy once joked that she was remain a spinster until she grew old when she would move into a creep old house and keep dozens of cats. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "No Rest for the Wicked")

In 2374, when Captain Jonathan Masters met Q, Q turned Masters' phaser into a kitten when the Starfleet officer pointed the weapon at him. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Q, Time and Again")

In the 2370s, Hilary Preston kept a cat named Frobisher as a pet. Frobisher would often sit on the couch near the door in Preston's ready room aboard the USS Tucker. Preston considered him an excellent judge of character because she has taken a disliking to anybody that Frobisher has hissed at upon entering the room. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Krotek Nor")

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A cat was a type of domesticated animal that made vocalizations that sounded like "meow." Ken occasionally wished he possessed a cat or a dog instead of his pet mooka, Zeebo. The spukamas was a common housecat on Corellia. The pittin was another domesticated cat-like creature, as was the felinx. Like cats, they came in many colors and enjoyed batting at strings. Reekcats were another species.

There were also several sentient feline species in the galaxy, such as the Tinnell, the Cathar, and the Togorian. Some cat-like sentient species, such as Orryxians and Catumen, were often nicknamed "Cats."

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Mammals class.

20 Hit points
0 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: 220/220 (Illusionable)
Abilities: Nothing
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 0 hp per turn
Immune To: None.
Strong To:
Neutral To: Physical, Holy, Death, Fire, Energy, Ice, Earth, Drown, Life Drain
Weak To:
Sounds: "Mew!"; "Meow!"; "Meow meow!".
Behavior: Follows you around, rather like a dog.
Field Notes: Cats are harmless straying animals. New creature in the 8.1 Update they seem to be attached to monks.
Location: Carlin, Rookgaard, Factory Quarter, Yalahar, probably more areas.
Strategy: Not needed, dies with a single hit of most weapons, just fist it to yellow health if you don't want to kill it.
Loot: Nothing (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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