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Castle Sasune
Castle Sasune on the World Map

Castle Sasune (サスーン城 Sasūn Jou), also known as Sassoon Castle, is a location in Final Fantasy III. Located on the Floating Continent, it is in the same area as Ur and Kazus.



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The Light Warriors visit Sasune so as to obtain the castle's Mythril Ring and lift the Djinn's curse, but they find that Princess Sara has taken it to the Sealed Cave, where the Djinn resides.

In the DS Version, the party meets Ingus here, since he was unaffected by the Djinn's curse. Hoping to break the curse on the castle, Ingus joins the party in order to find Princess Sara.

Later, after defeating the Djinn, the party returns here to cleanse the Mythril Ring used to seal him. This banishes the curse once and for all.


Item Location
Blizzard/Ice Main Building Third Floor
Leather Shield Main Building Third Floor
Bronze Knuckle/Tonfa Main Building Third Floor
Phoenix Down Main Building Second Floor
1000 Gil Main Building First Floor
1000 Gil Main Building First Floor
20x Holy Arrows Left Tower Second Floor
20x Wooden Arrows Left Tower Third Floor
Wightslayer/W.Slayer Left Tower Fourth Floor
20x Holy Arrows Right Tower Second Floor
20x Wooden Arrows Right Tower Third Floor
Potion Left Tower Fourth Floor
20x Wooden Arrows Left Tower Fourth Floor
Bow Left Tower Fourth Floor

Enemy Encounters

Note: Enemies are only encountered in the western tower.

Battle Background

File:FFIII Castle BG.PNG


The background music that plays in Castle Sasune before the Djinn is defeated is called "Djinn's Curse", and is replaced by "Return of the Warrior" after the Djinn is killed.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Sasune is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Warrior job.
  • One of the rooms from the Online Lobby in Dissidia Final Fantasy is named Sasune.
  • According to one of the Trivia Mognet Questions in Dissidia, Sasune is the kingdom where Prince Schneider hails from in I want to be your canary. This puzzles many players, as there is no mention of such a thing in the English Final Fantasy IX script.

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