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Exdeath's Castle false appearance.
Exdeath's Castle true appearance.
Exdeath's Castle on the World Map.

Castle Exdeath, also known as Exdeath's Castle or X-Death's Castle, is the stronghold of the warlock Exdeath in Final Fantasy V. Only appearing in the Alien World, Exdeath's Castle is connected to the mainland by the Big Bridge. The castle is surrounded by forests and a basalt mountain range. Around the castle are four towers that generate a barrier around the castle, preventing entry.



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Prior to the barrier being activated, Bartz, Lenna, and Faris are captured, and Galuf enters the castle alone to rescue them from Gilgamesh. After they escape, the barrier is activated.

Later, Xezat and the party enter the south-east Barrier Tower via an underwater cave, and Xezat sacrifices himself to destroy it. The barrier is subsequently destroyed, allowing the party to later enter the castle and confront Exdeath.

When entering the castle for the final showdown, the interior appears to be like that of a regular castle, however, once the party reaches a dead end, Krile discovers that the castle's appearance is just an illusion. Kelger Vlondett, the last Warrior of Dawn alive, uses his power in order to break this illusion, which unfortunately leads to his death. This sacrifice, however, reveals that Exdeath's Castle is actually made out of the corpses of Exdeath's many victims, and while this is a rather gruesome discovery, it opens up a path for the party, allowing them to meet Exdeath himself.


Name Location
Ether Second Floor
Diamond Shield Second Floor
Ice Shield Fourth Floor
Ether Fifth Floor
Elixir Sixth Floor
Hayate Bow Sixth Floor
Icebrand Seventh Floor
Kotetsu Seventh Floor
Elixir Eighth Floor
9,900 gil Eighth Floor
8,000 gil Tenth Floor
Twin Lance Tenth Floor
Partisan Twelfth Floor
Fuma Shuriken Twelfth Floor



Before Transformation


Other Floors

After Transformation


"Exdeath's Castle"
Image:FFV - Exdeath's Castle.ogg
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Castle Exdeath's eponymous theme plays in this area.

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