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Castle Cornelia's Throne Room

Castle Cornelia, also known as "Coneria Castle", is the stronghold of the King of Cornelia in the original Final Fantasy, standing outside the town walls of Cornelia.

The king's wife, Queen Jayne, and two daughters, one being Princess Sarah, also live in the castle.



Castle Cornelia's Throne Room as shown in the NES version.

The Warriors of Light arrive to Cornelia and after showing their crystals, they are sent to the castle. There, the King asks the warriors to save his daughter, Princess Sara, from the hands of the corrupt knight Garland. After rescuing Sarah from the Chaos Shrine. They later return with the Mystic Key to retrieve the castle's store of explosives, in order to blast a route out of the Aldean Sea.


Item Location
Cottage Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Saber Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Mythril Knife Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Tent Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Cottage Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Iron Armor Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)
Nitro Powder Treasure Room (Requires Mystic Key)


"Castle Cornelia"
Image:FF - Cornelia Castle.ogg
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"Castle Cornelia" is the background music of this area.

Other Appearances


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Castle Cornelia as it appears in Dissidia

Castle Cornelia appears in the distance in the Dissidia Final Fantasy ending, when the Warrior of Light heads towards it with his Crystal in hand. This scene closely resembles the opening scene in the original Final Fantasy, after the Light Warriors cross the bridge out of Cornelia.


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