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Lost: The Official Magazine
#01 "Cast Away"
"The Lost Shephard"

"Jack. Ben. Locke."
#02 "Sawyer, Michael, Sayid, Shannon"
#12 "Flashback"

"Juliet & Sawyer"
#03 "Inner Demons"
#13 "Femme Fatales"

"Lost Reaches Episode 100!"
#04 "Enter: The Hatch"
#14 "Captured!"

-- Lost: Messages From The Island

#05 "What Kate Did"
#15 "Season 4 Arrives!"

#24 "The Beginning of the End"

#16 "New Season Secrets!"

#25 "Night Terrors"

#07 "Season 3 Is Here!"

"Cabin Fever!"

#26 "Dharma Duo"

#08 "Faith No More?"

#18 "2008 Yearbook"

#27 "Season 6 Is Here!"
#09 "Revelations"

#19 "Tales From The Freighter"


"Love Island"

#20 "Escaping The Island"

"Cast Away"


"Cast Away" is the premiere issue of the first volume of Lost: The Official Magazine.


Regular segments

Unearthed Treasures

You may think that all of Lost's secrets are buried deep beneath the island's treacherous terrain... but not so. Every issue of Lost Magazine, Writer/Supervising Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach will provide exclusive teasers about the future that faces the survivors. It's time to dig deep...

"Emmy Nominations For Abrams' Shows!"

Alias received four nods, and Lost was the most-nominated drama series, receiving 12 nods at the 57th Annual Primetime Awards... Check out Lost Magazine for the very impressive list of nominations from 'Outstanding Drama Series' to 'Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series' and more!

"Welcome To The Island"

Co-Creators, Executive Producers and Co-Pilots of Lost, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, invite you to the launch of the show's official magazine...

"The Passengers"

The plane itself holds many mysteries. For this first exploration of the doomed flight, we take a closer look at some of the passengers we have come to know.

"First Lost Fan Event"

In true 'flying under the radar' fashion, every issue we will be getting deep under Lost's skin. Were you at the first Lost convention?...

"Voices From The Fuselage"

Fans feeling Lost from all over the world have sent in their thoughts by Priority Mail, Morse code, email, smoke signal and carrier pigeon...

"New Transmissions"

Exclusive news about the very latest developments from Lost's Writers' Office right here, dug up for your analysis...

By The Fire

"Leaders Of The Pack"

The actors take five from playing Jack and Kate to pause and reflect on the tempestuous first 40 days they've been Lost...

"Dominic Monaghan and Emilie de Ravin"

Troubled rock star, Charlie, and new mom Claire, face new fears as they enter season two. We discover what led the actors here...

Dark Territory

"Creature Features"

Camera angles, CGI enhancement, and power of sound design - discover how the production team hints at the Monster's identity.

The Others

"Meet... Damon Lindelof"

Lost Magazine has its own 'Others'... the puppet-masters of the show, and we're after the secrets they hold...

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