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Real Name
Cassandra Newland
Current Alias





Cassandra Newland received her power of the Orb of Power.

Place of Birth
Providence, Rhode Island


First appearance
Appearance of Death

Wildcats: World's End #14
(August, 2009)



Cassandra Newland has the power of the Orb just as Void of the Wildcats. In the far future, the orbs had been part of Omnia, Mistress of Light. Omnia would lose her final battle against the darkness, but could not be destroyed. Instead, her power was dispersed into many small Orbs of Power.

Providence has acted as an adversary to Void on a couple of occasions. Once, Providence acted as an oracle and spiritual guide to the Daemonite Cabal. She later allied herself with Tapestry, only to be betrayed by the witch. Afterwards, Void and Providence found they could no longer sense each other's presence.

On another occasion, Providence guided Copycat, a member of DV8, in an event that restored Void to herself after her essence had been used for the Orb of Power.


World's End

After Armageddon, Providence found herself fighting an elder god in the ruins of Providence, Rhode Island. After defeating the monster, she encountered Tao, who currently had the current Void (Nikola Hanssen) captured. Providence was forced to fight a mind-controlled Void and was ultimately captured and control by Tao, who then reveals his intentions to use her, Void, and Max Faraday's powers in ruling post-Apocalyptic earth.

Providence was situated in Tao's base of command in Salt Lake City, Utah where the Wildcats and Team 7 invaded to stop Tao. After Spartan absorbed Void's powers to battle Tao, Tao in turn absorbs Providence's as well. As Tao has the winning advantage over Spartan, Providence is recharged by Void and let herself to battle Tao allowing the Wildcats and Team 7 to escape. Unfortunately, Tao tells her that her self-sacrifice is in vain and that he had planned to let his enemies to escape so he could traced them in finding Max Faraday. After stating that he has no further use for her, Tao kills Providence as all her remaining powers are absorbed into him and leaving her wasted away.

Powers and Abilities


Providence possess the power of clairvoyance and precognition.

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