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Operation: TREBUCHET


UNSC and Insurrectionists


Casbah is the capital city of the UNSC colony of Tribute in the Epsilon Eridani System. Casbah, like the rest of Tribute, was cold in comparison to Earth, featuring icy temperatures in June. It was a well developed city, with highways, spaceports, a MagLev Train system, and high-rise office buildings, as well as at least one Jim Dandy restaurant[1].


Planet Tribute was a site of ongoing resistance from Insurrectionist forces in 2524 during Operation: TREBUCHET, and so a battalion of UNSC marines were operating in and around Casbah that year, searching for Insurrectionist bomb makers, supported by the corvette UNSC Bum Rush and Hornet aircraft. They found one such bomb shop, and though they were able to neutralize the facility, the marines were unable to prevent some of the bombs from making their way into Casbah, which lead to a disastrous hostage situation inside one of the Jim Dandy restaurants, resulting in the deaths of 3 marines, 38 civilians, and 2 rebels[2].


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