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Final Fantasy XII Elite Mark
Level Evade%
49 0
110,842 999
Power Defense
81 24
Magick Power Magick Resist
26 31
Vitality Speed
77 19
EXP Clan Points
0 3,960
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Halves Halves Halves Halves
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Halves Halves Absorb Weak
Japanese キャロット
Romaji Kyarotto
Location Salikawood
(Sun-dappled Path)
Bestiary Location Elite Marks
LP Awarded 28
Common Steal Dark Crystal
Uncommon Steal Foul Liquid
Rare Steal Putrid Liquid
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop None
Very Rare Drop None
Common Poach None
Rare Poach None
Attacks Attack 5-hit max, Lunge
Abilities Putrid Breath
Time Requiem
Growing Threat
Hero's March
Innate abilities Safety
Null Evade
Last Stand
If HP <50% - Attack Plus
Immune to Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Blind, Poison, Oil, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Warp, Poach, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle
Other Information Has Protect, Shell, Haste, Bravery, and Faith
Has 50% Reflect and Regen
Libra is ineffective

Carrot is a Rank VII Elite Mark from Final Fantasy XII. The bill for Carrot is only available if the player has joined Clan Centurio, as with all Elite Marks. She has the distinction of being the largest Malboro in the game, similar in size to Malboros in previous games.


Clan Primer


Hunt 39: Carrot Stalk

Petitioner: Mme. Zammadria
Petitioner's Location: Nalbina Aerodrome

  • A petition has been submitted for the hunting of Carrot (Rank 7). The petitioner is Zammadria in the Nalbina aerodrome.
  • Hunt accepted. Zammadria's pet, Carrot, has run away! It has since become feral and dangerous, attacking travelers. Carrot can be found in the Salikawood.
  • Carrot defeated! Report to Zammadria in the aerodrome in Nalbina.
  • Hunt reported. Zammadria had been raising Carrot to spite her husband, always concerned with keeping up appearances. She realizes now the error of her ways.

Bestiary Entry

Genus:Elite Mark

Being a Malboro kept in the Imperial City as a Pet by Mme. Zammadria.

Name: Carrot
Age: 8
Gender: Female

Upon a journey to Nalbina to visit her Husband, a member of the Restoration Committee, her dear Carrot escaped and made for its Natural Homeland in the Salikawood. Mme. Zammadria petitioned a hunt for this Mark to avoid unwanted Scandal.

Finding Carrot

Use a Teleport Stone to teleport to Salikawood, then turn off all party member's Gambits. As stated in the mark description, Carrot is extremely "shy" and "delicate". So if any monsters were killed while finding Carrot, it will not spawn. If the player did not kill anything, Carrot should be at Salikawood Sun-Dappled path.


The first thing that should be done is to cast Dispel, as Carrot enters battle with many status buffs. Like all Malboro-kind, Carrot mostly attacks the party with a plethora of negative status effects. Master all Remedy Lores and have a healthy stock of them to heal fast and strike as well. You might want to set your Gambits to <Ally:any--Remedy> or, if you are lucky enough to have one, a Ribbon can be put to good use. Beware though, even with a tank, Carrot's breath covers a large area. It is advisable to use ranged weapons or Technicks to strike Carrot from afar. Do not rely on Krjn (the Viera) to be your powerhouse, since she'll mostly buff you. Note that Espers are immune to most negative effects, so summon one to shield you if needed. Note that Healing items such as Potions can deal damage to Carrot so if you have an X-Potion + All Potion Lores Mastered + Pheasant Netsuke and you will deal almost 5000+ with one X-Potion without charge time. You can use it when Carrot reach Critical status because of her "Last Stand" Status.


  • 5,200 gil
  • Stink Bombs
  • Putrid Liquid

You also unlock the title Freshmaker in the Sky Pirate's Den after defeating Carrot.

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