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Carol Murphy was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. Originally a civilian doctor she was recruited into Starfleet during the Federation-Cardassian War. She spent most of her service life on planets, outposts and starbases before becoming the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Carol Murphy was born in 2328 in the city of Utopia Planitia, Mars. Carol always felt the need to help people and this led her into medicine. When she finished her schooling she enrolled in the Chang Medical Institute, considered to be one of the top ten Medical training academies in the entire Federation. After completed the six year course and her residency she worked in a hospital in Utopia Planitia. ("Task Force 59")

While she worked as a doctor she lived in a house that was owned by both her and her sister. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Starfleet Service

In 2360 Carol was seduced into Starfleet. At the time Starfleet was looking to rapidly increase its manpower in face of the Cardassian threat. Starfleet actively poached medical professional from civilian institutions and practices. Carol was one of these people. She attended Starfleet Academy where she took a two year course which was fashioned to get her familiar with Starfleet equipment and practices. She also received the bare minimum in combat training.

In 2362, Carol graduated and was sent to a small planet on the Cardassian border named Outpost M562. The Starfleet world had been invaded and bitter fighting covered the planet. It was a harsh induction into Starfleet. Carol had to deal with terrible battlefield injuries and often had to do it with too few personnel and supplies. It was an experience that would have a deep affect on her. After two years the outpost was finally abandoned. ("Task Force 59")

Carol was transferred to Starbase 212, which served as a major medical centre for the sector. For nearly ten years she served there. She was promoted several times in her time there. During her time on the starbase she was recruited for classified anti-Borg medical research by Section 214C. Her service with the section was not recorded in her official records due to the classified nature of the work she took part in. ("Section 214C")

In 2373, she was assigned to the USS Swiftfire-A as the Chief Medical Officer, a position she was more then capable of filling.

Service on the Swiftfire-A

Carol's duties started not long after she arrived on the ship. As the ship was transferring out to the front Carol had to tend to several injuries caused by a brawl between several Marines and security personnel. Despite the friendly nature of the war games that were held to ease tensions on the ship Carol still had more visitors to her sickbay. ("Deployment")

Once at Sector 432 the sickbay started to receive casualties of war. One of the first and most serious was Wing Commander Maxine Benton who was injured in the cockpit of her fighter during a skirmish with Dominion forces. ("The Front")

Several weeks later Lieutenant Commander Pavlo Celcho was seriously injured when he was clipped by one of the Peregrine-class fighters and lost his arm. Carol stabilised him before he was transferred to a medical facility on a Starbase to receive a new arm. ("Regression")

Around the same time she was involved in an incredible incident. While monitoring personnel were were in close proximity to a subspace tear she received a large dose of metaphasic radiation. The effects of the radiation was to turn back the clock on her body, which resulted in her been effectively twenty years younger then her age dictates. Other then that the radiation had no other effects on her or Captain Masters who also received a dose. ("Regression")

The events that surround this were quickly classified by Starfleet. When the Swiftfire was visited by a news crew from the Federation News Service reporter, Jasmine Carter, noticed the significant difference between how Carol currently appeared and her photo in her records. ("Task Force 59")

Following Operation Return when Captain Masters had isolated himself from the crew to deal with the death of an old flame Carol was part of a small group of officers who gathered to try and figure out what to do. The situation had gotten to the point where it was considered that Carol should use her authority as chief medical officer to relieve the captain from duty. ("Unfinished Business")

While on leave in mid-2374, she spent her time in Utopia Planitia. She invited Maxine Benton to spend a few days with her, though she forgot to mention the fact that she was staying with her sister's family as well. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

When the Swiftfire was caught in a time casualty loop one of the events that repeated several times was Ensign Frank Cole breaking his wrist and Carol attending to him on the bridge. She also performed several medical scans on the captain to try and figure out why he was the only one aware of the loop. After each loop reset Carol had no recollection of the previous events. ("Q, Time and Again")

After a battle with Dominion forces the Swiftfire is trapped behind enemy lines heavily damaged. One of the most severely injured was Captain Masters. Carol was able to stabilise him but due to damage to the sickbay during the battle and a lack of proper equipment it was all she could do for him. Despite her efforts his condition took a turn for thw worse forcing the ship to make a dangerous run back to friendly territory. ("Change in Command")

In early-2375, Captain Masters found out about Carol's involvement in the Section 214C program, Operation Ultra which saw the Enigma implant placed inside his brain. The captain confronted her about her involvement and she revealed to him what she knew. Masters would then leave the ship to head for the Albyn system based on her information. Once he was gone and Commander Susan Core briefed the staff of his absence she did not reveal her role in his absence. ("Section 214C")

Following the attack on the Echlan Totality capital Murphy was part of the medical team that travelled to the surface of the planet to aid in the rescue of individuals trapped by the collapse of the Totality capitol building. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


Murphy was a well liked and trusted person due to her position as CMO on the Swiftfire. She formed a strong relationship with Maxine Benton, the commander of the Swiftfire's fighter wing, due to Benton's frequent visits to sickbay. She was quickly able to notice the attraction between Captain Masters and Benton and suggested to Benton that she seek out advice from Commander Susan Core, the ship's XO and Masters' closest friend onboard. ("The Front")

After one of Benton's visits she asked her to be more careful as she was concerned that one day soon she would enter sickbay but not leave. ("The Founder Ploy")

When the Swiftfire return to Earth for repairs in mid-2374, she invited Benton to spend times with her at her home on Mars. While there she discuss Benton's recent break up with Masters and was pleased to hear that Benton was not going to seek a transfer off the ship.

Murphy has not had a substantial relationship that has lasted longer then three months, but has had casual ones that have lasted longer. As of 2374 she was not actively seeking companionship as she enjoyed her life and career as it was but did not rule it out of her future. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

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