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The Bomb Ring activating itself.

The Carnelian Signet, also known as Package or Bomb Ring in the SNES and PlayStation versions respectively, is a key item in Final Fantasy IV. It is a ring given to Cecil Harvey from the King of Baron, after Cecil relinquished the Water Crystal from Mysidia.

The king of Baron ordered Cecil and Kain Highwind to bring the signet to Mist when Cecil began to question his motives. After defeating the Mist Dragon at Mist Cave, Cecil and Kain reach Mist, and once there the signet unleashes many Bombs that set the village on fire.


Other appearances


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

In one of the Tales of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Edward defends the Damcyan Castle from a raid using a Carnelian Signet, using it to take out the Mysterious Girl's soldiers.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Carnelian Signet appears as a trade accessory, which grants +4 Luck and can only be gotten through Battlegen using the Red Wing Ace Friend Card. It is used to create the "Easy Come Easy Go" accessory.


A signet is a ring, typically made of carnelian, used to seal letters with wax by means of engraving a certain symbol (usually a coat of arms) onto the envelope.

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