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While growing up in Japan, American Carl Sands learned ninjutsu techniques and became a rather undistinguished industrial saboteur, accepting unremarkable sums to hinder and eliminate his clients' rivals. The Thanagarian criminal Byth then hired Sands to steal Hawkman and Hawkwoman's ship. To help Sands with this job, Byth gave him a Thanagarian belt device/"shadow vest" known as a Dimensiometer, which gave Sands the ability to shift his body into a shadow form. (In the Pre-Crisis version, Sands was given the dimensiometer in return for inadvertently helping Thar Dan, an alien explorer from the Xarapion dimension.)

Hawkman eventually defeated him, but Shadow-Thief would come into conflict with him many times after that. He would later become a member of the Injustice Gang which came into conflict with Hawkman and his allies, the Justice League of America. He lost the belt to the Phantom Stranger, but he gained a shadow suit. He eventually sold his soul to Neron for more power. Neron gave him a more powerful shadow suit with the ability to turn other people and objects into shadows.

Professor Bennett, a man whose life's ambition was to patent efficient solar technology, learned of a French scientist name DuPree who was doing the same work. He hired Sands to attack DuPree, to slow him down just enough to give Bennett enough time to pusblish everything first. However, Sands was caught for the first time because of this.

The demon Neron granted Sands more power by giving him a new shadow suit, now with the ability to not only change him into a shadow, but other people and objects as well. Sands struck in Solar City, an island resort that was still under construction. Solar City had been built by Professor Bennett, and Sands wanted revenge. However, there was a press junket on the island, and both Linda Park and Billy Batson were there, and Linda had brought Wally West along. So both the Flash and Captain Marvel were on hand to defeat him.

Recently, the Shadow Thief has entered into the employ of St. Roch art trader Kristopher Roderic. Sands has been sent to the ends of the earth in service of Roderic's dark aims, and is hopeful that the unscrupulous collector will help him with a problem of his own.

During the events of Identity Crisis, Shadow Thief became deranged and began having delusional conversations with the Dimensionmeter. He ended up apparently killing Firestorm with Shining Knight's mystically enhanced sword. For killing Firestorm, he was prosecuted by Kate Spencer (a.k.a. Manhunter IX).

Shadow Thief later popped up as a member of the Injustice League.

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Ninja Master: trained in the techniques of ninjutsu.

Assassin: greatly excels in undercover assassination skills. Specializing in Industrial Sabotage.



  • Dimensionmeter: which enables its wearer to shift his body into a two-dimensional, intangible "shadow" state. While the vest is activated, Sands can move quickly and silently across and through most surfaces and materials, all the while remaining impervious to physical contact and attack. Long-term side effects from prolonged use of the vest are unknown.

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