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Cards By Josh VI is the sixth set made by user Chaos Josh. It is a set of 48 cards. Additional cards for certain archetypes made on this wiki, such as military, Torment, and paper monsters can be found in this deck.

  • Secret Rares - 2
  • Ultra Rares - 4
  • Super Rares - 6
  • Rares - 11
  • Common - 26
Cards By Josh
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CJ6-001 Protective Spirit Secret Rare Continuous Trap
CJ6-002 Boneyard Rare Normal Monster
CJ6-003 Foot Soldier Common Normal Monster
CJ6-004 Infantry Common Normal Monster
CJ6-005 Defensive Barracks Common Normal Monster
CJ6-006 Chaos Command Blockade Common Normal Monster
CJ6-007 Fierce Plasma Super Rare Normal Monster
CJ6-008 Crystal Beast - Golden Lion Common Effect Monster
CJ6-009 Earth Appariation Common Effect Monster
CJ6-010 Water Appariation Common Effect Monster
CJ6-011 Midnight Appariation Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-012 Light Appariation Common Effect Monster
CJ6-013 Fiery Appariation Common Effect Monster
CJ6-014 Army Sniper Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-015 Rodent Zombie Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-016 Fire Elemental ● FOIE Common Gemini Monster
CJ6-017 Earth Elemental ● GEOS Common Gemini Monster
CJ6-018 Air Elemental ● ZONDE Common Gemini Monster
CJ6-019 Water Elemental ● BARTA Common Gemini Monster
CJ6-020 Storm Elemental Lord ● MAELSTROM Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-021 Medic Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-022 Chaos Command Ninja Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-023 Combat Helicoptor Common Effect Monster
CJ6-024 Phantom Beast Totemic-Spirit Super Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-025 Roald, the Violet Warrior Rare Ritual Monster
CJ6-026 Paper Healer Common Effect Monster
CJ6-027 Paper Cleric Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-028 Paper Druid Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-029 Torment Mind Leech Ultra Rare Union Monster
CJ6-030 Torment Shield Common Union Monster
CJ6-031 Torment Heavy Stone Super Rare Effect Monster
CJ6-032 Pause Rare Continuous Spell
CJ6-033 AKA - 47 Common Equip Spell
CJ6-034 Rocket Launcher Common Equip Spell
CJ6-035 Handgun Common Equip Spell
CJ6-036 Mortar Combat Super Rare Equip Spell
CJ6-037 Rise of the Elemental Lords Rare Normal Spell
CJ6-038 Draft Rare Normal Spell
CJ6-039 Aerial Assault Super Rare Normal Spell
CJ6-040 Purple Spirit Ritual Common Ritual Spell
CJ6-041 Military Formation Common Continuous Spell
CJ6-042 Torment Guard Common Continuous Spell
CJ6-043 Torment Flip Common Continuous Spell
CJ6-044 Paper Holy Symbol Common Equip Spell
CJ6-045 Embargo Common Continuous Trap
CJ6-046 Torment Boomerang Common Normal Trap
CJ6-047 Epic FAIL! Ultra Rare Normal Trap
CJ6-048 Mediator of Wind - Aeros Secret Rare Effect Monster

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