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Carbonite is a minable substance, in the 24th century it was one of the materials mined from on the moon Davonia. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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A cut away shows the inner workings of a carbonite block used for transporting tibanna gas.

Carbonite was a metal alloy that was made from carbon. It was mixed with Tibanna gas, compressed, and flash-frozen into blocks for transport.



The Empress Teta system was a source of carbonite. The planet of Polus also had vast quantities of the metal alloy in its frozen wastelands. The inhabitants of Polus played a major role in the freezing process and mining.

In some locales, carbonite was also used to preserve the bodies of the dead. On Coruscant, Senator Viento was buried in this manner in the Senatorial Tombs. Han Solo was frozen in carbonite on Darth Vader's orders to test whether a Human could survive being encased in carbonite before his plan to freeze Luke Skywalker. The modifications to the freezing chamber were successful in that Han lived through the freezing process and entered into suspended animation. Moruth Doole froze the body of the former warden of the Kessel prison system in carbonite in his office as a trophy. While imprisoned in carbonite, a Force user could not use the Force, or interact with it on any significant level, making Carbonite a useful Jedi containment tool. A common part of a hyperdrives was a carbonite insert.[1]

Some of Coruscant's skyhooks were tethered to the surface with carbonite nanofiber.[2]

Filba used carbonite for smuggling bota harvested on Drongar during Clone Wars to preserve its quality.

During the Legacy era, Boba Fett and Mirta Gev discovered by chance that Sintas Vel had not died but had been imprisoned in carbonite.

Several years after the end of the Galactic Alliance War, Chief-of-State Daala once again utilized carbonite to imprison violent Jedi that were succumbing to a mysterious Force Psychosis. Carbonite was seen as the only means to contain the Jedi due to the material's Force suppressing characteristics.



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This article uses material from the "Carbonite" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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