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Carbon is one of the most common elements in the universe. It is highly abundant in the Earth's crust, and was part of the reason why the Urbankans came to Earth. (DW: Four to Doomsday)

Most life-forms in the universe were carbon-based, although others were known to be based on other elements, such as silicon and calcium.

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Atomic number 6

Carbon is a chemical element, the 6th element on the periodic table.

The majority of know life-forms are carbon-based, something the silicon-based Horta find entirely alien. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

Upon observing the carbon scoring on the nacelle of the crashed shuttlecraft Apollo on Darien 224 Captain Christopher Pike hypothesised it may have been taken down by a lightning strike. (EV comic: "Cloak and Dagger")





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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel settlement

sections: Carbon Crater
Carbon East
Carbon Mill
Carbon North
Carbon Town Center
Carbon West
leaders: Richard, Vidya
doctors: Vidya
merchants: Jesse
factions: Jane raiders group
quests: Find Brotherhood Paladins
Kill Drunken Raiders
Collect Radscorpion Tails
Kill Warehouse Radscorpions
Find Medical Supplies
Find Ruby's Cat
Rescue Innocents
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Carbon is a town built over the remains of the pre-war city Carbon in Texas and the first place in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It's a small community of farmer and breeder of brahmins like Modoc.

It was governed by a mayor named Richard and after the events of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, by Vidya. Carbon is located right next to a large crater that was caused by the Great War and half of the town fell into it. The real town itself split into four parts: East, West, North, and Central. The Texas Brotherhood of Steel sent an Initiate there on his first mission, to find and assist several Brotherhood paladins believed to be in the town of Carbon.



Carbon Crater

Carbon Crater is a giant hole in earth near the town of Carbon. It is filled with ruins of building and cars, as half of the pre-war Carbon ended up there. Before the war, a large facility specialized in hazardous materials was located here and some mining plants.

Carbon East

Carbon East is the smallest part of Carbon. There was here a few houses and a storage facility for hazardous materials.

Carbon Mill

One of mill

Carbon Mill is a great industrial area. The place consists of some exterior streets, railroad, a parking lot and a big mill, the main base of Jane's raider group that lived in Carbon.

Carbon North

Carbon North is an area of routing and traffic. There are plenty of roads and major rail route for various needs in the city and the mill.

Carbon Town Center

Carbon Town Center is the most important part of the city. This was before the commercial area. Now, we find :

Carbon West

Carbon West is a small part of the city. This section contains several road and two great homes.


Appearances in games

Carbon appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

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Team Carbon possesses arguably the greatest fighting spirit on the circuit. With each of its members utterly unwilling to accept defeat, carbon fights with full intensity and vigor in the face of seemingly insurmountable deficits. While the team produced several thrilling rallies, they were unable to challenge reigning champions Final boss during the early stages of the 2006 season. Carbon's efforts were rewarded as the pieces fell into place with the acquisition of aggressive support player Ghostayame. The team became the first and only to overtake Final Boss during the 2006 season, doing so an unparalleled three consecutive times. Never satisfied with second place, Carbon shoots for nothing short of the gold medal in every event.

Carbon's play style is marked by a fluid unpredictability as a unit that produces exceptional team shooting. While the team is filled with superstar names, their play is selfless and without egos. Each member demonstrates a willingness to adopt less glamorous roles when called upon by captain Shockwav3. On the whole, however, Gandhi serves as the primary slayer, while Karma and GH057ayame fill supporting roles. Team captain Shockwav3 is the most objective minded of the crew, while Coach xXx verbally coordinates tactics and maintains the team's focus. Carbon, whose teamwork and strategies improve with each event, have established themselves as the team to beat on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. Fan favorites for their energetic personalities and aggressive playstyles, the young men of Carbon recently scored a three-year, one million dollar contract.

In the first ever Halo 3 meadowlands championship Team Carbon scored 6th place overall[1].


Team Members


Real Name: Ben Jackson

He's earned in both singles and team play. Karma has reached the peak of Major League Gaming's world-class competition. He holds what can only be described as a dynasty, Karma's incredible unbeaten streak in 1v1 competition dates back to the 2005 season. Karma's singles game is marked by an unparalleled ability to aggressively fortify a stage's vantage points and force his opponents to approach from disadvantageous positions. In stark contrast, he adopts a supporting role during team play, enabling his teammates to step into the more glorified slaying roles.

Throughout the season, his reign has been relatively unchallenged, as he has raised his game a cut above the competition. The overwhelming favorite in any competition he enters, Karma has proven over the course of several consecutive 1v1 championship titles that he is truly the master of individual mind-games and battle tactics. It is quite simply difficult to overstate the extent to which he dominates this competition, and the unprecedented success that he has garnered will surely earn him a spot in the hallowed halls of pro gaming's greatest names.


Real Name: Eric Hewitt

One of Major League Gaming’s true success stories, GH057ayame’s career started rather quietly. Unable to find teammates of similar caliber, GH057 worked his way up the tournament scene, earning a reputation as a capable individual and team player. After a steady rise through the ranks, GH057ayame’s hard work culminated with an invitation to join the much-lauded Carbon.

He was proven to be Carbon’s missing element, as he aided the squad to the Orlando Championship Title in his first appearance with them. GH057ayame, one of the most aggressive players on the circuit, brought to the team a controlled charge that they previously lacked. As an adaptable team player, GH057 immediately meshed with his new comrades, yielding better strategies and team shooting. GH057ayame possesses tremendous reflexes and aim; skills which make him an effective free-for-all competitor as well as a frighteningly versatile opponent in team situations.


Real Name: Scott Lussier

Emerging onto Major League Gaming’s scene in 2005 as a virtual unknown, Gandhi made himself known across the league. Since his MLG debut, Gandhi has placed no lower than fourth in team play. While he boasts stellar fast-paced gameplay, fans and rivals alike know Gandhi for his over-the-top trash talking. Viewed by many as the league’s most humorous character, Gandhi is a constant source of witty banter and outrageous smack talk during matches.

While highly entertaining, Gandhi’s verbal assaults both intimidate and irritate opponents. He possesses the unique ability to derail opposing teams, throwing them off their game and giving his side the advantage in a match. Gandhi’s brash and self-assured personality frequently sparks controversy and polarizes fans. A solid force for Carbon, Gandhi and his teammates are determined to fight for top honors in every event.


Real Name: Chris Smith

While Shockwav3 struggled for recognition during the Halo: CE era, he found immediate success upon his Halo 2 debut. Having placed no lower than fourth in Halo 2 team play, Shockwav3 quickly became known for his composed leadership and unpredictable play style. As the level-headed leader of Carbon, Shockwav3 keeps his squad focused through his commanding vocal call-outs. Where other teams are prone to discouragement, he keeps intensity at a high and rallies his team to historic comebacks.

While arguably lacking the precision aim of other top players, Shockwav3 sets himself apart through his intelligence and quick decision making. His excellent anticipation often yields the first-shot advantage in battle and keeps opponents guessing. Most notably, Shockwav3's ball carrying ability is top-notch, as he frequently humiliates the opposition with his forceful beat-downs. Shockwav3's ball carrying expertise yields his team crucial time, as he often single-handedly fends off onrushing opponents.

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Carbon crystals on Hoth.
"Carbon is used to create duraplast, which we use for building."
Qui-Gon Jinn

Carbon (C)[1][2] was a nonmetallic element. It was the primary element in most of the sentient life of the galaxy, including Humans and most humanoid races. Carbon was used in the manufacture of such substances as duraplast and durasteel, carbonite, and carbon dioxide. It could be found in naturally occurring crystal form as diamonds. It was also found in wood and tibanna gas.

In order to manufacture building-grade duraplast, carbon had to be extracted, mostly from trees, such as oak trees or barren trees, and other local resources, including carbon rocks. This could be accomplished by logging and extracting carbon from timber, or by mining coal or carbon-heavy rocks.

Except trees, also most lifeforms in the galaxy were carbon-based, with a few notable exceptions, such as the crystalline Tsil of Nam Chorios and several silicon-based species. According to a droid, all sentient carbon-based lifeforms could drink water.[3]

Carbon residue or scoring was also left behind when an object was struck by a blaster bolt.




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